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  1. Looking through the comments on this and other threads, it seems to be favourable to use either two super compacts (more flexibility) or a super twin (basically two sc's). I guess for smaller gigs, one sc would be plenty and react better if pushed a little where as a super twin would only be getting tickled...although the Barefaced site says it sounds great at 100w but epic at 1200w... I think mine and everyone else's ears would be long gone before i approached that kind of volume 😏... Time for a call to the guys that know their kit better than anyone else... Cheers
  2. Well I'm back here guys & girls. After thinking I'm going to be happy using Ashdown 2x10's, the Barefaced attraction and reputation is getting the better of me. Playing my 500w Evo ll, I'm intrigued to hear what she'll sound like through maybe a Super Twin or possibly a pair of Retro 10's. Space and weight are obviously not really a factor with Bareface cabs, there seems so much respect on here for them but also a varied approach to cab choice. As I said before, rock based music is really my thing, with a little drive when needed... Foo's, Floyd, RATM, Pearl Jam, etc....So any pointers etc would be much appreciated. Many thanks Marc
  3. A bit of interest on the head but nothing solid as yet. Any love for a great made in UK head?
  4. Hi Guys. Recently bought these off of here, nothing wrong with them, just I've also aquired a 500w head and a more favourable 2x10 (to my ears). The head is a UK made one and looks immaculate. The cab has a small knock at the front and the vinyl is a little loose on the rear. I'll throw in an Ashdown dual footswitch for the head, speakon lead and covers for both. I'm happy to courier both or either separate. Probably around £20 either way. I'm happy to let them go for what I paid.... £150 for the head and £110.00 for the cab. I'm based in Hertford if you want to collect or try.
  5. After trying a few different flavours out I stuck with what I know and like....Ashdown ABM 2x10H. Picked one up 2nd hand(unfortunately not from here) so on the look for another to stack vertically. Cheers again all 😃
  6. I've just got back into playing and have always been impressed by Ashdown's commitment to their customers. Great British company and I'm confident in saying I'll never need to look elsewhere. Looks a beast that head 👍🏻
  7. Thanks again. I'm gonna have a drive around to try a few 2x10 cabs out with my Ashdown head. I'm happy to pay for what sounds best to me, I'll check out the Barefaced website as they certainly get a lot of praise on here! I'm looking to get back into playing in a rock/blues band as before and as many of you have said, it's only my ears that can make the final choice. I really appreciate all the comments and suggestions and will post my findings etc in due course. Cheers
  8. Thanks guys for the early comments, I'll chip in while we are still on one page 😃. I've seen so many good reviews/comments on the Barefaced cabs, I'd be crazy not to look into them. The 2x10 cabs do certainly tick boxes for me, and as for the weight, I'm a young forty four year old ( so my mum says anyway) sparks with a VW transporter, so moving and transporting them won't be a problem. With regards to lthe eaps and bounds that manufacturers have made, do for instance the older ABM Ashdown 2x10's sound very different to the new NEO ones? Is it mainly the driver designs, cab construction or a combination of both that have moved on? Like I said at the top, I'm very happy with sound from the EVO ll Heads, again I know they have moved on but that's a whole other subject 😉. Cheers again.
  9. It's been quite a few years (20 or so) since I played, gigged and toured. Finally after a long break the love is back and I'm acquiring gear to get back into a band to rehearse and gig. I've always loved the Ashdown gear, and recently picked up off here a great ABM 300w evo Il head with a mini 1x15. Back in the day I used either an 8x10 or a 2x10 + 1x15 stack. Looking through various post, there's so many variations with the speakers designs etc. I know what really matters is how I hear it but I've been out the loop for so long and would really value some input on the subject please. My questions is would I be better off with 2 2x10s (the backs not what it used to be) or a mix of 2x10 + 1x15? Musical tastes are Floyd, radiohead, foo's, blues, etc. Regards Marc
  10. It was a real pleasure meeting Tim, excellent and easy transaction. Very accommodating and excellent communication. I look forward to possible deals in the future. Many thanks Tim Marc
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