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  1. [quote name='ikay' timestamp='1482243150' post='3198755'] What's the weight of the SB700 please? [/quote] I'll post it tonight
  2. [quote name='bassmasta2b' timestamp='1482244353' post='3198777'] Pm for the head . [/quote] replied
  3. First up is my Aria SB700 for sale. Absolutely mint condition with a tiny mark in the lacquer as shown. its about 2mm at most! Setup with new Rotosounds by The Gallery, it plays beautifully, gorgeous bass thats just not getting played. Comes with the original case that has a couple of scuffs on but all catches and the lock are fine (key included). Weighs 10.1 lb £595.00 (sold pending) Second is my Classic 60's Jazz in sunburst. Excellent condition apart from a ding on the shoulder as shown (my bloody fault!!!!). Again setup at The Gallery with Flats and plays superbly. Comes with fender gig bag. £480.00 (SOLD) Collection from Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire welcome or I'm happy to send via a courier (will be very well packed!) Cheers
  4. Hi Guys, heres my fantastic Ashdown Little Bastard head (bought from here) and VS212 cab Cab is 8 ohms & 300w Head is boxed and both are are excellent condition. Only looking for a sale and ill throw in an Evidence Audio speaker lead. Sounds great and lovely warm tones.. Collection from Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire welcome and I'm also happy to box this lot up ready for a courier if need be. £450.00 PPG plus any delivery fee's if needed. Cheers
  5. [quote name='Kevin Dean' timestamp='1473798200' post='3133273'] Anything to report ? [/quote] Unfortunately there wasn't any available to try. The ABM EVO has now moved on to another member on here and been replaced with the awesome Little Bastard (again from here) which I've tried with my Klystron 2x10 Neo cabs which is great but they are quite large and heavy for my crap back. Really want to try a 12" cab though but they seem pretty rare now , well Ashdown ones do.
  6. [quote name='Merton' timestamp='1470598548' post='3107023'] Two10 and LB30 is a match made in heaven, believe me. [/quote] Cheers
  7. I did that and he said it would be a great rig. I just thought that maybe the 12" may suit the LB better as that's the popular cab for them.
  8. Seriously considering a BF 2x10 with my newly acquired Little Bastard. I absolutely love the tones from it my old Klystron 2x10 but hate the weight (well my back does). Not sure whether a 2x10 or super compact...tried a 2x10 at the gallery but they didn't have the SC in to try...
  9. Bought some Evidence Audio speaker cables, great deal and quick postage. Highly recommended to deal with. Cheers Lee
  10. Picked up the Ashdown Little Bastard from Justin today. Absolute pleasure to meet and deal with, and very free with great advice and his time. Many thanks Highly recommended.
  11. [quote name='ColinB' timestamp='1470063622' post='3103001'] It's a valve amp, first thing to do is clean the valve contacts, and then swap similar valves around to see if the noise changes. This will sort out a huge proportion of valve amp troubles by fixing it, or showing up a defective valve. [/quote] +1
  12. I've bought a few spares from them and always had excellent service.
  13. I've always found Ashdowns service very accommodating. If the contact cleaner doesn't work give Guy a call.
  14. I fully agree, but I wanted to avoid any costly cap changes, power socket change and finding Fane Cresendos is like rocking horse stuff...so for the same ish money I've got a new one being built and shipped... Thankfully paid for before the pound to dollar slump.
  15. I've got a Hi-Tone being built at the mo (for my guitar rig mind), Clayton has got a a great reputation, not only in the Hiwatt circles I'm sure. The company has Dave Reeves son on board, so top notch.
  16. Went over to Ashdown today, Guy went through my Evo head, made some repairs, full service..while I waited, made to feel welcome as always... Picked up a couple of bargains too in the shape of 2x10 Neo loaded uk cabs...for silly money, ok they're not brand new, but hey they're cabs, that to my ears sound awesome. TOP COMPANY! Will always get my money and praise.
  17. Hopefully try some weds when my 500 EVO is being serviced, 2x10 takes my fancy.
  18. Spoke to Guy today regarding a service on my newly acquired Evo II and I'm there weds next week...Top company and only Amps for me..
  19. Yes it was 2nd hand, not that you could tell apart from the bridge. Never had a jazz without the "standard" bridge, it came with the bass and can't say that it sounds worse for it.
  20. [quote name='gjones' timestamp='1468431063' post='3090900'] Mex Classic 60s Jazz? [/quote] Yes it is, feels great, nice and clean, ding free (for the moment!)
  21. A trip to The Bass Gallery this morning and walked away a happy bunny with a very playable MIM sunburst jazz, tried a couple of others inc the Flea Jazz but settled on the sunburst. Such a great shop, Charlie was very helpful, so next purchase will be a Barefaced Super compact with cloth grill me thinks
  22. That's my thinking Muzz, start of with a Super Compact and add another if needed 😎
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