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  1. StevieE

    '96 Warwick Fortress One fretless MiG

    Agreed! I imagine sales were poor hense being discontinued (but templates used for the RB line, but I don't think I've ever played a better balanced bass. That top horn and offset bottom strap button means the bass just sits perfectly on the strap.
  2. 1996 MiG Warwick Fortress One Fretless, 3 piece flamed maple body, wenge neck & fingerboard and is finished in delicious Honey Generic spec and info HERE I've had this bass a number of years and have attempted to play it for just a few hours in all that time. Fretless dreams now over, I can't justify owning an instrument just because looks/rarity etc. I'm dithering over ordering a custom Sandberg, having a bit of cash to go towards it will help! The condition is excellent, especially for a 22yo bass. There are a few minor little scratches here and there, but you have to really search to find them. It's strung with flats of unknown age and origin, so will benefit massively from a new set of strings and proper set up. Electrics all seem to work fine when I plugged her in earlier. Collection is always preferred (RM5) but if its at the buyers risk and expense, I'll ship her out. Sale only, no trades please. Cash needed for the Sandberg fund! Cheers for looking, Steve
  3. StevieE


    Nice bass! Shipping included..? Cheers
  4. StevieE

    The drop pedal. Thoughts needed

    I use one if these too, I do find it gives a slight distortion to the tone and a hint of delay but generally don't notice that in the mix.
  5. Haha it's always so difficult to choose, having the same problem myself! 😁 GLWTS!
  6. That's a beaut, nice mods and interesting headstock info. Very cool 😎 What's the other sandy you're looking to move on?
  7. StevieE

    Sandberg Cali £449 Rotherham Schpock

    There was one identical to this in the marketplace that sold not long ago. Maybe the new owner fell on hard times..?
  8. StevieE

    Warwick GPS Thumb BO 4 RESALE VALUE?

  9. StevieE

    Sandberg Panther Custom *on hold*

    Thank god this is a fiver or my Mrs would be seriously unhappy with me! GLWTS
  10. StevieE

    BassChat Podcast Q+A (Question Submissions)

    Hey guys, really looking forward to this Podcast! I currently listen to the Practical Bass Pod which is great, but it'll be fantastic to have a pod from this side of the pond at last. My question is based on my own experience when, pretty much overnight, my right hand technique was taken to a completely different level when 3 finger plucking added to floating thumb clicked. It was an almost instant transformation and from that moment, totally changed how I play. So, what have you guys learnt that's had the biggest impact on your playing? Doesn't have to be technique, could be gear, strings, strap length... anything really! 😁 Cheers Steve
  11. StevieE

    Recommend me a bass please

    Ahh yeah sorry about that, read the budget missed the spec 🙃
  12. StevieE

    Recommend me a bass please

    I'd highly recommend Sandberg. I'm lucky to own 2 and they're both absolute players. German, hand built, construction and materials 2nd to none, bags of tone and an absolute joy to play. Seriously, nothing else I've ever picked up comes close. There's a Basic on BC now for less than £600 which is worth a look, although I was super lucky and picked up my Basic KT (double buck tone monster) for £575 off eBay, but that was a steal tbh.
  13. StevieE

    New cab time

    Size and weight were big factors in choosing my rig and after a lot of research and deliberation eventually went for the Barefaced Retro 210 (with cloth grill which saves 1kg over steel) with an Aguilar TH350 and can vouch for the tone. Absolutely crystal clear, plenty of low down grunt and plenty loud. It weights in at just 13kg and fits perfectly in the boot of my 07 Mini Cooper (which has the boot about the same size as an Ikea bag!). Amp & cables in a ruck sack, bass in one hand, cab in the other and you're good to go.
  14. StevieE

    Bass Transcriptions

    Just stumbled on this thread for the first time, top work fella, really appreciated!