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  1. Final price drop - £500 + shipping!
  2. Hey Tim, another hopeful trade PM sent 😀
  3. After a surprisingly disappointing interaction with BD, the bass I was part-exing with was sold to someone else so the Warwick is still for sale...
  4. Last bump before I trade her in next week
  5. StevieE

    Fender Jazz ‘75 RI Japan SOLD

    Awesome, closest I'll get to a yob too... You defo not interested in trades..? 😁
  6. StevieE

    Fender Jazz ‘75 RI Japan SOLD

    😮 Not usually a fan of white basses but that is just lovely. It looks quite creamy on my phone, is that a fair representation of the colour?
  7. Offer much appreciated and like I say, each to their own 😁
  8. Personally I'm inclined to agree, I do love the simplicity and authentic look of an ebony board, but if it helps the player hit notes more accurately, it could be justified to override asthetics. Each to his own I suppose 👍🏻
  9. That sounds like a great deal to be fair 👍
  10. Yeah I hear you. Truth is I'm playing my Sandbergs almost exclusively these days so it would be money spent on something I just wouldn't use. Also, the money will come in handy as will the extra space! 😁
  11. Hmmm... That's almost tempting me to keep her tbh 😁
  12. The eternal struggle 😁 Legend! 👍
  13. Thanks dude, much underrated! Think you're right about the board, good info cheers.