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  1. I played this album every day for a whole year! Only ever did that with a Yes album. Shortest I have is Johnny Winter's Second Winter (1969). Not quite a double vinyl album. Side 1 15:23 Side 2 14:39 Side 3 17:01 Side 4 There isn't one!
  2. Rick Wakeman said Jon's lyrics all mean something. Another way to enjoy is to avoid anything after Relayer. Works for me.
  3. I can assure you I have been locked down, working too hard at home, in the last few months. Thanks!
  4. Last time I needed some TI flats, about a year ago Amazon was a silly price. Got a set almost £10 less from Bax Music. Had a few other bits from them since, they don't get mentioned much here, unless I've missed it.
  5. Essential listening...
  6. I got the 4 string progressive Deko (£37) , liked it so much I then got two Ibanez SR's which are slightly lighter. Only bad point was the individual 4 part bridge with hard to get at intonation screws. I replaced it with a single part Gotoh copy. Still have it, it owes me nothing, plays well.
  7. Never knew that was there, the most difficult band to Google. I have the first 2 albums. I suspect they used quite a few of Fibonacci's numbers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fibonacci_number
  8. Something a little different from Beethoven https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n6T5Cu4KiN4
  9. 2012 Fender Mex P 8lb 2oz 2019 Fender Mex J 9lb 2oz Ibanez SR500 7lb 2oz - probably lighter than the short scale Jaguar I used to have. Problem with short scale is finding strings (flats) that feel right, don't need to look now I have a SR500
  10. Free set of strings taken off a new Fender Player (Mex) J bass. I'll post out second class, receiver puts postage in any charity box! (Karma init?)
  11. J neck is about quarter inch shorter than J bridge so would be noticed? Possibly there is a wiring change by a previous owner? One pup should have north poles and one south poles, so when connected out of phase in humbuck mode the string vibrations are in phase.
  12. I'm pretty sure the push switch on the last pedal I bought uses a Hall Effect Sensor.
  13. Riick Wakeman emphatically stated the Jon Anderson's lyrics all meant something. I'm still working on working them out. Did we ever have a mis-heard lyric thread? I quite liked Jagger's "I'm a cold Italian Pizza" on Monkey man.
  14. I'd agree almost 100% with this. But never really liked anything after Relayer, seemed like a different band, I know bands have to change, but it did not work for me. Once played Topographic Oceans every day for a year. Is that dedication of a fan, or just sad? (other LP's were available!)
  15. Last time I did this, cost a fiver, took a few weeks and I only had the book for less than 2 weeks (else fined!). A good service for rare books though.
  16. Someone posted this on twitter, thought I'd re-post here. Born this day in 1915.
  17. Sadly, in my music room, it's pronounced "Behringer". Another interesting link, worth re-posting: http://120years.net/
  18. On BBC World service, presented by Nick Mason https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/w3csz42d
  19. Don't usually go into a CD store in town, or nearest city, since there are usually none! A few small indy shops come and go. I did call in HMV on a rare town visit back in the summer and found Chris Squire's Fish out of water in the rack. Seemed to have a good a-z selection of rock/pop and another for metal. Last week got Parachute, The Pretty Things and today their S F Sorrow, both in the rack. (Can't find new stuff that I like anywhere!). I wished the guy behind the counter all the best. I hope it survives. Would help if more avoided Amazon and their non-payment of tax business model.
  20. I had a ripoff 1/4 inch mono tape copy. No money for the vinyl back them. Threw it out eventually. However nice to hear it for the first time with cans on.
  21. Not sure what they are. Colours as stated. No silks. If you PM me an address I'll post out 2nd class, I'll leave it to you to put the equivalent postage in a charity box. (the Karma system!)
  22. I thought I read somewhere they were Elixers , but the balls are red, black blue gold so maybe D'Addario. Just been NBD'd with a SR500 - these round came off the same day for TI flats. These are still 'sticky' so need a bit more playing in. Interesting comment on their website about the Bartolini Mk1 "Like traditional single coil but without the hum". They are actually P type pickups under that cover, but reversed compared to a P - treble side nearer the neck. I think I preferred the P/J pickups on the cheaper SR200, which this replaced, but I'm still fiddling with the pots. The price drop of the SR200 was one reason I upgraded songofthewind - if you need a spare set of rounds, you can have the ones I took off, never been played. They will go back on if you don't twist them. Nice slots in the bridge unlike BBOTs.
  23. Active bass powered by a Flux Capacitor.
  24. This is probably driven by the price of rare earth elements used in magnets. Mostly these come from China, I believe. As well as trumps trade wars, a big change in cost is the high demand for electric vehicles. Rare earth rices has gone up a lot in last 2 years, even before trump. Stuff like neodymium is essential in speakers, but we'll have to settle for that vintage Alnico sound!
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