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  1. Yes, you have lovely grass! So consistent. And you say it ISN'T AstroTurf?
  2. Sooo good. I've got one with a nordstrand.
  3. Thats a decent idea, I didn't look into hb hollow bodies.. My chowny is perfectly playable it's just there's no room to go any further with the neck should I ever need to. Also it's like a reminder of a bad customer experience every time I play it. I might just chuck it in basses for sale for stupid crazy cheap.
  4. I didn't enjoy my retrovibe, it was functional but no personality at all and in band rehearsals it didn't cut through anything. It has all the parts of a bass but there doesn't seem to be any science in the sound. I wouldn't have complained about it in public if it wasn't that the manufacturer said he wanted first refusal if I decided to sell, but when I let him know I wasn't getting along with it he didn't want to know. I had a similar experience with chowny, got the hollow body and the neck was bowed to hell and could only be made playable by filing the frets down to almost fretless level. So now its playable with good action but nowhere to go from here. I left it way too long to be able to return it. Absolutely my own fault, but I approached them to see if they were interested in a PX for a good one, because I liked the bass in many ways. At first they were open to talk about it, then they asked for my name, address, and the model of my bass, they stopped replying exactly after I sent an email with those details. I prodded them with a couple more follow up emails but no replys. This made me feel like they knew the bass they sent me was not up to standard. That's conjecture on my part but certainly a thought that stuck with me. I still want a good chowny HB but if I'm going to pay twice I may go for the jack cassidey instead. Sorry if you enjoy your chownys and retrovibes. This was just my experience.
  5. He's playing a modified one in their first video I believe. Unless it's a different squier.
  6. Yessss. Love those basses. Discontinued too.
  7. Yes! I got one of these. I started with a kala as well but moved it on. The gold tone is infinitely more rewarding to play just due to the scale and cutaway. Very nicely built as well.
  8. For all the thrashing they gave it, it Looks like boutique coffe table wood from not that far away.
  9. I was thinking, some of you here seem to know a lot about everything and I was wondering why there is such little information on USA fender basses from the mid to late 80s. I just picked up an 87 USA P bass and I love it its very good and has some beautiful natural ageing, but when I try to find any similar there's nothing. Plenty on MIJ reissues but nothing from the USA. If anyone has a passion for this kind of topic please fill your boots and my brain. cheers, Matt
  10. I put one of those pio caps in my tokai, they’re really nice. I took the time to A/B It against the stock cap and it was less dry and more ‘creamy’ , that’s the only word that seems to describe the sound accurately, maybe ‘oily’ I guess. I don’t know, but I was pleased that it had a recognisable and appealing effect. Sometimes with things like this it’s all hype.
  11. These basses are so freakin nice. I have too many basses but I always feel like my sb14 would be all the bass I'd ever need if I could bring myself to sell the rest. But I cant.
  12. This dude has one in his collection https://youtu.be/EfJ102A73Ec https://youtu.be/b18TIJpYXSY
  13. [quote name='xgsjx' timestamp='1495175401' post='3301787'] A guitarist asked me last Sunday what I thought of rickenbackers (I think he was thinking about buying one). I told him a wee story & he then said "I've seen this really nice Gretsch White Falcon". [/quote] Love the white falcon
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