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  1. I recorded/made this today and it turned into a memorial song for my best friend who we lost to Cancer a few years ago. It's my first time sharing something on here and I'm terrified LOL
  2. Being from literally next door to the black country this does not surprise me. Blk cuntray ay we
  3. We put all the punters off coming so it's a short queue
  4. I already said when we play highway to hell I'm wandering off to the bar until the chorus. Might do the same with Wonderwall
  5. Just for clarity, I wasn't being serious about threatening to quit. I play what they tell me to play
  6. Speaking of Oasis, our covers band have just told me that we're going to be doing an acoustic version of 'wonderwall'. I've threatened to quit or just refuse to play it,
  7. This is my acoustic bass. It's a thing of beauty 😍 Michael Kelly Dragonfly 5
  8. I definitely need to follow this thread because I've just started tinkering with a TC electronics ditto looper
  9. haha sorry guys, work has kept me busy and I pretty much crashed over the weekend. 🤣 It went really well. Considering we'd only had 5 practices and months in lockdown with my learning the songs from Spotify playlists I'm really happy with how it went. I even managed to sing backing without having a total mental breakdown 🤣 It wasn't perfect, but it was never going to be. The venue wasn't packed, with maybe 20 people there, so in my opinion it was the perfect first gig with a new band. No pressure but lots of fun.
  10. You'll have an avalanche of interest after playing there.
  11. Same as my rehearsal/gig rig.. just set quieter 🤣 Little Mark III Ashdown ABM 115 Audient Evo4
  12. I've spent the last 3-4 months during COVID lockdowns being involved with a couple of new bands, a covers band and their originals side project. We've only been able to actually rehearse together for the last month due to COVID. and tonight is our first gig. I'm nervous but also crazy excited because I haven't played a live gig in about 10 years (the joys of raising children!). It's only a small venue, but considering the last 18 months I'll just be grateful to be out playing and out of the house lol! Feels nice to be going through my old pre-gig routines Wish me luck. 209366896_1127243734352282_7063458346893440239_n.mp4
  13. I just read this entire thread from start to finish when I should have been working. This needs to be turned into a book or movie. You honestly couldn't make it up
  14. Guitarists are like rescue dogs. Eventually you'll find the one that just fits. That and.. I dunno... they're a bit smelly and drooly?
  15. I decided to try and play The Trooper with my eyes closed, because why the hell not.
  16. I remember being asked to join a band after sending over me riffing over one of their existing tracks. Nothing fancy, just pentatonics, arpeggios, the usual suspects to fit in line with the drums and compliment the single guitar. It wasn't beethoven, but it was decent enough. Then I got an email. "Hey, we want you to join but can you just play E?" " you want me to play in the key of E? Sure..." "No, just play E." "In the verse... chorus....?" "no, just E for the songs." "ok... do you mean you just want me to play the root notes? This song is in the key of G, the other is in D... What about the rhythm?" "No, just E. I want you to go 'do do do do do do do do do do' for the whole song." "I'm sorry what" "you know...DO DO DO DO DO DO DO DO" "...."
  17. Thinking they know it all and believes themselves to be a great bass player who can do no wrong,so refuse to accept constructive critiscism or suggestions on what to play. The rest of it all is dependant on context!
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