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  1. Hi , how much to post to Hertford uk? thanks Rob
  2. Hi, a noob question , I'm a new finger player , but quite often my fingers are so dry they don't feel right on the strings. What can i use as without damaging the stings? Can i just use a hand moisturizer? Thanks.
  3. Hi I'm selling my fender rumble 500. It has been gigged but looked after , Fully working . a few dinks on the surface. and some tipex marks on the control panel. Pick up from en119dz , I may be able to ship . Not sure what the cost would be.
  4. Hi, Im selling my GK 500s fuision. Universal Power for 100 volts and 240 volts Tube Overdrive with Tone Control: “Drive”, “Level”, “Edge” Foot Switchable Overdrive (Footswitch Included) Circuit Boards with Gold Plated Connectors Unique Interconnection System: “Eliminates Problems that Develop from Constant Use” Tube Preamp with (3) 12ax7s Four band active tube EQ Illuminated Knobs with Push Activation "Bump", "Contour", and "Presence" Push Button Voicing Filters Balanced XLR Output with Pre and Post EQ Unbalanced ¼” Send and Return Aux Input and Headphones Output Twist Lock Speaker Outputs 2, 2.7, 4 and 8ohm Load Capacity 11.5” Width x 11” Depth x 2 3/8” Height for All Models 6lbs, Reason for sale is I'm just not using it .
  5. Hi , if i link 2 8ohms Bareface super compact cabs, does it make 8 ohms? Thanks
  6. Hi mate . I'm interested in the amp, I'm based in hoddesdon . Did you you used to gig with DS? How much would it be with one of the cabs? cheers Rob
  7. hi guys , just got myself a new Rickenbacker 4003. I've got an fender rumble 500 amp which I may upgrade , what amp would work best with the ricky . cheers rob
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