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  1. Not sure if this is an appropriate section to post in but I have searched High and low and can not find anywhere that sells Replacement Leather handles for My Trace Elliot V4 head (the smaller V8) after many years the leather has split at the metal parts screwed on to the amp head, and I can only find only plastic and leatherette handles for Fender type combos! If anyone knows where to source a Real leather Handle either off the shelf or Bespoke- it has to be heavy duty! can you please post suggestions below, thanks!
  2. Left a covers band due to the Guitarist who could not sing constantly pushing songs into the set to sing himself whilst alienating our new singer at the time. He even had the cheek to take off his guitar and sit on a stool and have the vocalist play guitar whilst he sang lead vocals on a song terribly, it was time to leave at that point.
  3. Thought I'd start a Feedback thread as I'm going to be buying and selling on here.
  4. Bought An EHX Nano Pog off Harry, quick deal and good communication and the pedal arrived quicker than expected, buy with confidence.
  5. I still use my V4 mk2 regularly and it has not skipped a beat in nearly 3 years since I first got it, I am 22 though so hauling it isn't an issue. It has had an outing on average once every 2 weeks to gigs and rehearsals, also gets frequent home use and still works perfectly for me so i've not witnessed reliability issues myself. Valve Trace heads don't come up for sale very often, however. so anyone wanting one is in for a bit of a wait.
  6. I'm now having serious GAS issues over the B7k ultra, and what's making it even worse for me is the fact that I've just bought a Sansamp BDDI after having regret for shifting my old B7k a few months back!
  7. I have the head version of this combo as well in very good condition, can not fault the head as mine has run flawlessly for just over two years and is hugely versatile, I've gigged it in bands playing anything from Soul to Metal and it takes it all in it's stride. These are very, very rare and hardly ever come up for sale so i'm looking forward to it being restored and turned into the gem it deserves to be treated like. Picture was taken at a Recording session not too long ago by someone with a better camera than I have access to.
  8. Had my V4 for just under 2 years now, performs flawlessly every time it gets switched on and even though it's super heavy it sounds all the much better for it. I couldn't ask for a better Bass Head and would use it over any other Amplifier I've tried so far. Apologies for poor picture quality. got more pictures of it on my photobucket: http://s1332.photobucket.com/user/Tonywhite985/profile/ [sharedmedia=core:attachments:133203]
  9. Got bought a guitar which I found out shortly after I couldnt play a note on it. A couple of years later I saw someone playing an Epiphone Sg bass at a school gig which I fell in love with, a trip to the music shop later my Dad bought me the cheapest bass in the shop and said "If you don't take this seriously I won't get you something better" couple of months later I got a cheapy Ibanez bass which still plays nicely. 6 years later here I am with an ever growing collection and smaller pockets than ever as I have to buy my own stuff now. Never got that Sg bass though.
  10. It's now my pedal of choice. Quite expensive but I don't regret it one little bit, sounds fantastic DI'ed and have used it in the studio myself. Can be very nasty and grindy which I love, but it can also be crisp and clean and take the wool off of your bass tone. took the wool out of an Ampeg SVT Cl with a 410- some letters I can't remember the name of (the ported one) which was extremely wooly at the best of times. Works great as a pedal in front of my own valve amp and in the studio, Highly recommend if you have the budget.
  11. I've not seen a vinyl V4 of any type come in months. As the others have said the vinyl ones are incredibly rare and an opportunity not to be passed up on, I too will be interested in following the build diary. I have the head version and it is truly a Joy to behold, but VERY heavy so only gets outings for gigs and sits on top of the cabs 95% of the time.
  12. very very nice Mikhay, mine has performed fantasticly so far, used it for several gigs and lugging it into venues is worth it, sounds so much better than my other amp heads!
  13. It's hard telling an exact price but i'd go with the going rates of the combo's they've been going for around £650-800 depending on condition over the years, I put in a bid for £700 for my head getting it for a bit less than £450 hence the bargain price as it was in brand new condition and is super clean. they are mega mega rare and very few come up for sale probably causing the confusion in putting a price on it, thanks
  14. [sharedmedia=core:attachments:133203] Here is my V4, fantastic sounding amp, got it for a super price off ebay a few weeks back and i couldn't be happier with what i got for the money.
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