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  1. Ah totally did not explain myself there did I! I have edited that now. So basically even with me wearing ear plugs, i have something dodgy going on with my ears (possibly Eustachian Tube Dysfunction) where I get tinitus so easily that even with my ACS custom ear plugs, the sound pressure levels we were blasting through our cabs was effecting them. Now we have dropped our amp levels way down and i can control the volume in my IEM's much better, my ears are thanking me a lot, i am hardly getting any ringing any more and i can actually hear everything properly!
  2. So it finally happened, I had enough of carting my Marshall VBA 400 and matching 8x10 around the country and my band wanted to start using IEM. I got so fed up of lugging the big rig to venues only to have it chastised on stage because it had so much power and the room just didn't need it. That and I have been wearing ear plugs for years and just got fed up of not being able to hear my band properly I decided it was time for a change. After a few months of using IEM with my nice Audio Technica M3 system with some KZ ZS10 headphones (which are incredible) I was so happy to hear the band again and not to have ringing ears (even with ear plugs, the sound pressure levels we were omitting were hurting my dodgy ears) it was time to change the rig. I still needed a rig as I tried rehearsals and it felt too sterile without the feel of an amp in there and not all shows can be done without one and need some stage support. I knew I wanted to go to two 2x10s as I had run that before and really liked having the choice of how many cabs I need to take to a gig. The VBA only runs at 4 or 2 ohms so kind of limits what I can do with it. The day I decided I wanted to do this, I found up for grabs on here two Mesa PH210's at a steal of a price. I sorted the deal with the great guy who is Piers Williamson and picked them up a week or so ago. The rig sounded amazing with the Marshall but the amp overhung the sides of the cabs which just cannot happen 😂😂😂. I had kept an eye on the Ashdown HOD Geezer Butler signature head as I tried one at the guitar show in Birmingham when they came out and loved it. Found that PMT were doing 0% finance over two years and bought the thing straight away It's now safe to say I have an absolute killer rig that has so much power and clarity and also nice and easy to maul around as none of it is heavy. I am proper happy with how it all sounds and love it. I just need to find a rack to put it in and able to put a 2u drawer for my pedals in there as well and I will be sorted. Love it!!
  3. I had a blacksmith, it lasted 3 months before I got rid of it for an SVT 2 Pro. Everything about it was just meh. Yes it was loud. But not in the right areas, no weight to the sound and just felt flat. I just couldn't get on with it at all and the pre amp just felt boring.
  4. Hiya, I have just moved over to IEM and am using the Comply buds. They are memory foam, are really comfortable, stay in there and do the job for a good price, https://www.amazon.co.uk/Comply-Isolation-Cancelling-Earphone-Replacement-Black/dp/B002ODUEDO/ref=sr_1_4?crid=Z9V6G86LVOXJ&keywords=comply+t400&qid=1574368451&s=electronics&sprefix=comply+%2Celectronics%2C341&sr=1-4 dead good!
  5. dont suppose anyone knows where these ended up? These were mine originally and i'd like to see if they are up for grabs again as i'd love them back. Nice one Will
  6. Thanks for that, I will make sure we check that out if I get something that can switch between modes. Nice one
  7. I have looked into that as id love them but they are a different size to a mm bucker. Not totally sure but don't think it will fit.
  8. I will do just this! I like the look of his stuff. Cheers
  9. thanks for the replies guys, yeah pretty sure i answered my own question with the Nordstrands, always worth to see if i have missed anything though. I will check out the SIMS and see what they are like. Keep em coming! Nice one Will
  10. Alright 'chatters! My main gigging bass for a good few years has been my Sandberg TM2 which has two MM sized humbucker spaces in it. I swapped the originals out years ago as i didn't rate them and had a few sets of custom made MM sized single coils made for them as i do prefer the sound and feel of the single coil compared to a bucker, always felt more angry. I have recently been using my 1989 G&L SB2 over my Sandberg and simply have fallen in love with it and it just sounds and feels so much more alive than the TM2 and i am sure it is because of of the pickups that are in it. I want to swap out the MM sized singles for something but just not sure what to try. Does anyone have any suggestions of what bucker to try that maybe sounds a little like a single coil or can be split. I have used the Nordstrand Bigman before in another bass and that was killer!! i regret having to sell them on but i lost my job and needed money. If anyone has any suggestions, i would love to hear them Cheers Will
  11. I sold Greg a Nordstrand Bigman pickup recently. Proper genuine basschatter and had a great experience dealing with him. Top guy. Cheers Will
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