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  1. dont suppose anyone knows where these ended up? These were mine originally and i'd like to see if they are up for grabs again as i'd love them back. Nice one Will
  2. Thanks for that, I will make sure we check that out if I get something that can switch between modes. Nice one
  3. I have looked into that as id love them but they are a different size to a mm bucker. Not totally sure but don't think it will fit.
  4. I will do just this! I like the look of his stuff. Cheers
  5. thanks for the replies guys, yeah pretty sure i answered my own question with the Nordstrands, always worth to see if i have missed anything though. I will check out the SIMS and see what they are like. Keep em coming! Nice one Will
  6. Alright 'chatters! My main gigging bass for a good few years has been my Sandberg TM2 which has two MM sized humbucker spaces in it. I swapped the originals out years ago as i didn't rate them and had a few sets of custom made MM sized single coils made for them as i do prefer the sound and feel of the single coil compared to a bucker, always felt more angry. I have recently been using my 1989 G&L SB2 over my Sandberg and simply have fallen in love with it and it just sounds and feels so much more alive than the TM2 and i am sure it is because of of the pickups that are in it. I want to swap out the MM sized singles for something but just not sure what to try. Does anyone have any suggestions of what bucker to try that maybe sounds a little like a single coil or can be split. I have used the Nordstrand Bigman before in another bass and that was killer!! i regret having to sell them on but i lost my job and needed money. If anyone has any suggestions, i would love to hear them Cheers Will
  7. I sold Greg a Nordstrand Bigman pickup recently. Proper genuine basschatter and had a great experience dealing with him. Top guy. Cheers Will
  8. Sold a Nordstrand Pickup to Joe, all as quick and easy as you would hope for. Great guy. Thanks mate. Will
  9. Split coil now sold. Just the Bigman left at £140. Just to add that this is the standard alnico V version. Ta
  10. 2 months old bought from Bassdirect for £160. Selling for £130 including next day delivery due to me being skint and needing to buy my daughter a birthday present! They have had max 3 hours playing time. Absolutely amazing pickups with so much depth of tone and grunt, nothing else comes close to these!!! This is the Standard Alnico V version. Wish i didn't have to do this Cheers Will
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