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  1. bloody love this bass. It looks like mine! hahaha.
  2. wow as if it was bigger originally?? Its pretty P bass size to me so wouldn't want it any bigger than that. Its definitely larger than my SB2. The range of sounds that come out of it is just incredible. Leo really knocked it out the park with the electronics on this bass. On most dual pickup basses, the bridge pickup always sounds too thin and weak to use on its own but not this beast. Love it.
  3. It's stunning mate, I tried one at PMT Birmingham last year and fell in love. Got this one which is almost new for close to £500 off new price.😍.
  4. So I have recently acquired a stunner of a 2019 G&L CLF L2000 that has joined my little G&L family along with my 1989 SB2. I love this thing so much, its like a Stingray on steroids and is so comfortable to play. Fit and finish is miles ahead of anything else for this price being a hand build USA instrument. I have a huge thing for G&L as not much stands up to them, especially those MFD pickups! Just thought I would share the moment!
  5. No word of a lie, she just told me 10 minutes ago that it makes her happy seeing me happy with a bass guitar. If that is not a win in life then I don't know what is. 😂😂
  6. The whole thing just feels better to be honest. Weight is at around 8.5lbs which is so good. The pickups are amazing which is a big plus as I ended up taking out the standard ones in my MK1 TM2. The setup on it is just perfect as well.
  7. So my incredible other half surprised me on Christmas morning and gave me this incredible Sandberg that I had been drooling over since it landed at Bass Direct. I feel very very lucky indeed to have a girly that would do this and the fact that it is the best Sandberg I have ever played or owned. My older two (one I sold a while back) were the first generation ones and I had only played one of the second generation ones a few years back and had noticed the improvements they had made. Safe to say this thing has blown me away with how good it is and I love it to bits already. I just thought I would share some porn shots with you. My old TM2 is now hiding scared.
  8. I've got one and it's awesome!!! That is a bargain.
  9. I have a Sandberg TM2 (old JB shape) and a 1989 G&L SB2. They are better than any Fender I've owned or played. Much bigger and more aggressive sounding than a Fender but that's what I like. That said, I still want a Jazz Deluxe and a Precision 😂.
  10. Look no further than the Nordstrand mm4.2. I've just put a pair of them in my Sandberg TM2. Stunning pups and made to be as similar to the early stingray pups as possible.
  11. I'd happily shave some of the distance off and arrange a meet up. We can now travel anywhere in the county as long as it includes a walk somewhere 😂.
  12. Obviously this is still here but bumping anyway just incase anyone has any future temptation after lockdown...
  13. Marshall VBA 400, all the old school sexy valve goodness you will ever need. Does need to be run at 4 or 2 ohms though. got one for sale in the sale section, ahem
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