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  1. That's a beauty mate! If I had the cash, I'd be all over this! GLWTS 😎
  2. Absolute beauty of a bass. If I had the readies, it would be mine by now! GLWTS 👍
  3. Would you consider shipping to the UK (namely Glasgow), and if so, how much? My GAS is building steadily .....
  4. Currently attempting to the save the pennies for this one ..... work in progress!
  5. Got one of these bad boys myself. £750 for this is a steal. Good luck with the sale!
  6. Hi, Just on the off-chance ..... is this bass available for sale? Thanks!
  7. I figured it was time that I contributed some mug-shots for your delectation/derision! Here goes nothing ........... First off, I thought I'd pick an unusually civilised pic: Now for a more, shall we say, "accurate" representation of yours truly: Viewer discretion is indeed advised!!!
  8. [quote name='Warwick_Official' timestamp='1351552504' post='1852657'] Beautiful Streamer Stage I !! Thanks for sharing, and enjoy! [/quote] Cheers man, I'm in love with it! An absolute beauty of a bass, delighted!
  9. My latest addition to the 'family' ..........
  10. [quote name='Leen2112' timestamp='1350392698' post='1838157'] Orite Allen, Nice collection you have there. Where about do you use the SR506 in Maiden Scotland? [/quote] Hey man! Sorry for the late reply, haven't been online as much as usual! At the moment, only the Fender gets used when doing the Maiden Scotland shows (along with the Squier as an emergency back-up!) I previously used the SR506 almost exclusively when gigging with my previous band, doing original material .... It's in dire need of a clean-up and a re-string at the mo'!
  11. [quote name='BassTractor' timestamp='1350312588' post='1837126'] Maiden the Toilet? Just trying to help! [/quote] If only we had used THAT instead!
  12. Thanks guys, much appreciated! I think I'll enjoy my time here, now that I'm "officially" here! Cheers for the heads-up regarding the link, Bert! I'll get that sorted!
  13. Cheers Gary! Aye, I really should've done it properly long ago, mate!
  14. I'm in Glasgow, mate ..... basically a 20 minute walk from the city centre!
  15. Afternoon fellow bass-people! After many moons of trawling these lovely forums, I thought it was high time I actually took a few minutes to register here properly! Been playing bass on and off since '94, and currently plying my trade in an Iron Maiden tribute band, Maiden Scotland. (Link below in my signature, should you be inclinded to have a nosey!) Errmm, that's about it from me! See ye on the boards! Cheers, - Al
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