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  1. Kurt Elling has been one of my favorites the last years.
  2. Yeah, I love that record too. I know I have it somewhere, probably on CD, I’ll check when I’m back from vacation in a couple of weeks😀. Haven’t found it online on any of the usual streaming services. Cheers
  3. You could try out some of the great bands and musicians in Paris, with Carribean or African background. Some suggestions: Sixun, with Paco Sery on drums and Michael Alibo on bass. Etienne Mbappe, especially his two first albums. Linley Marthe, played with Zawinul and a lot of other guys. An example of a Sixun song with Alibo: http://youtu.be/FOAYb2bTGSY
  4. In my experience, it is safely placed in the «too good to be true» category. I’ve tried it a couple times, but it has not been even close to giving a useful result. I always end up in good old Transcribe. Much more manual work, but at least most of the time pretty good at guessing chords.
  5. One can always hope, but she never sang that afaik?
  6. http://lmgtfy.com/?q=yellowjackets+new+bass+player :-)
  7. It is my favorite Yellowjackets tune, Geraldine. Studio version on The Spin, and a brilliant live version on Live Wires.
  8. [quote name='The Jaywalker' timestamp='1459825368' post='3020033'] Truth. Bottom line - this groove is great...but isn't difficult in the grand scheme of things. These guys live on playing that kind of stuff, so it's second nature to them. Anyone who finds what I've just said controversial or offensive - or indeed, has taken offence at anything Blue has said - simply needs to grow the fk up; musically and otherwise. [/quote] It's not about true or false, it is about how and when things are said. As an analogy, if your girlfriend cooks you a great dinner, do you compliment her, or just go: oh that's easy. You just bought some ingredients in a regular shop, and followed a recipe. And besides, you have done it before. Big deal. Although true, might not work wonders for the relationship. And back OT: Great musicianship and a catching groove!
  9. [quote name='RhysP' timestamp='1454076943' post='2966198'] The current composition challenge doesn't require any production skills, not as a prerequisite anyway. [/quote] Hehe, I know that, I have entered myself, with a complete lack of production skills. But the OP's concern was that people would not enter in the CCC, because it would require too much effort creating a complete "composition", following the established standard (not necessarily the prerequisites). Hence my suggestion.
  10. How about providing a short drum track that everyone has to play along with? Then it would be easier to compare the tracks, as they would have to relate to the groove. The only problem with this approach is of course that it would require all to be able to merge the drum track and the bass track in some way or another, but it will at least not require any production skills.
  11. Nothing from me this month I'm afraid. Busy with work and kids at daytime, and building stuff at the evenings. Promise to vote though!
  12. [quote name='uncle psychosis' timestamp='1452121002' post='2946812'] Normally in the band I play everything with a pick, but recently we've written some stuff which for lack of a better description is country-rock-esque and would perhaps be better served using fingers. However, if I just jump from pick to fingers without changing anything else then I find the tone a bit...muddy/muffled (??? I hate describing sounds) I guess. [/quote] It is not clear to me what your reason is for wanting to change from pick to fingers for one song. Is it the aesthetics of the country-rock style (if such a thing exists), or is it that you do want a different tone, but not quite as muddy as the one you are currently getting? If it is the former, then I cannot help. If it is the latter, you will have to experiment with positioning and attack I guess. In general, playing as close to the bridge as possible will give you a "thinner" and less boomy sound, but also requires a bit more attack to get the same volume. I also find it odd that you dismiss RhysP's suggestion to try a felt pick, if the aim is to even out the differences between pick and fingers. Of course you would have to adjust the eq accordingly to get back to the pick tone you want, but that would at the same time give you a brighter sound when playing with the fingers. Which is exactly what you wanted, or am I missing something? [i]Disclaimer: I have never played with a pick.[/i]
  13. [quote name='Mykesbass' timestamp='1451659334' post='2942161'] Congratulations Bleat & Alibabu, and sorry Alibabu for confusing you with some very English references on Soundcloud [/quote] Not at all! Those comments were just added value:-)
  14. [quote name='Bleat' timestamp='1451608563' post='2941863'] A rather large CoNgRaTuLaTiOnS Alibabu, a very worthy winner! [/quote] Thanks, and right back at ya! Another day of voting, and you would have cruised solo across the finish line... Happy new musical year, everyone!
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