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  1. No experience of the specific lead you refer to but I once bought a cheaper "Chinese" iRig from Ebay which was so noisy upon arriving that it was for all intents and purposes useless ... make of that what you will .
  2. Mick I'm due to work that day , I've asked for the day off and if it's granted I'm happy to help out in any way needed . If the leave is refused I'll be along after 3pm to buy a load of raffle tickets ! Stu
  3. Back of my Hand - The Jags - a cracking song that I always enjoyed playing with my band .
  4. Bought a gig bag from Andy , nice easy transaction and a pleasure to deal with . Thanks Andy!
  5. I have one of these and they are awesome amps and I don't use that phrase lightly . The 'clean' channel goes through a volume pot only then straight through the valves to the GH12 speaker , this really shows the true tone of your pickups , and can do chimney Vox style cleans , Just breaking up ' Classic Rolling Stones ' tones and much more . The 'dirty' channel has 3 gain stages going from rocking break up , to insane overdrive . All tones very musical ,takes pedals really well , enough volume to keep up with a furious drummer and a 1 hand lift into and out of the boot of your car! They don't make this model anymore and they are already highly regarded and sought after , if you're in the market for a valve guitar amp , do yourself a favour and snap this up.
  6. i'm a big fan , got all of the albums , how may i be of service? ah just seen that you're compiling a double CD ... is it just a "best of" kinda thing you're after or a sampler as their output is really quite diverse ?
  7. [quote name='Paul S' timestamp='1384772901' post='2280425'] I bought the 'Studio Spares' own brand equivalent, which was cheaper. Struggling to find it on their website at the moment, though. But it is invaluable - probably the single cheapest improvement in your sound you can make. [/quote] This ^^^^^^ .
  8. I don't know who 'They' are ...but I never want to hear them again.
  9. I have massive GAS for one of these now ....
  10. If I recall the making of documentary from a few years ago correctly John Taylor of Duran Duran played Bass and there was a tears for fears sample in there at the beginning too...
  11. [quote name='Chris Horton' timestamp='1370976994' post='2108245'] That is a fantastic bass , It is one I wish that i should have never sold !!!!! If you ever decide to sell it ................................... [/quote] [quote name='Chris Horton' timestamp='1370977242' post='2108253'] I dont suppose that you fancy a trade for a Pink Paisley precision do you ?? [/quote] If you had a 57 or 63 P reissue then I might have been interested ....
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