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  1. Uau, that's actually pretty close to what I am looking for, and it's the right color!
  2. That's the 32" I tried. Very comfortable, very fast. But I'm looking for a passive bass, I don't need the active circuit.
  3. Very nice. Almost bought it a few months back, but Fernandes is the last name of my (ex) best friend, that betrayed me 2 years ago. I can't have a bass with his name on it, I would throw it out the window.
  4. https://m.thomann.de/pt/fgn_mighty_power_ash.htm
  5. I was tempted, but I also have to sell before I buy, ahah! I want passive, a pickup just a cm or so behind the P position, and a fat, hoarse tone. I'm selling now, to be able to buy later. I really like the style of the Serek, getting inspiration in classic models, like the Ric or the Ripper. Didn't know about ACG, this thread is already giving me new information. I am curious about the new model. I actually tried an Ibanez, the SRMD 200. Great neck, thin and fast. But the pickups and active electronics didn't excite me. That Reverend had a great tone, that's an option, thanks! Maruszczyk is definitely an option, but I was looking for something more retro in terms of design. Thanks for all the examples, I hope to see them keep coming!
  6. Hello all! As the title says, I'm looking for a retro/modern looking bass, with just one pickup, Passive and, more important, 32" scale. Last week I was able to compare 34", 32" and 30" basses, and the 32" scale was very comfortable and fast. 30" is too small for me. The simpler, the better. Passive, One Pickup. My favorite is the Serek Lincoln, but I was wondering what other offers are available in this medium scale. Thanks!
  7. Trade for a Sandberg California Supreme VM4? Thanks.
  8. Uau, beautiful. What's the neck width?
  9. Hi guys, I was looking at the games that weekend, no premier league on 28/29th March? I'm thinking about taking a weekend for myself, what better escape than basses and football? A game on Friday would also be nice, premier league or championship. Can anyone help on this matter? Thanks!
  10. I'll be watching this one. I'm a recently converted P player and I am gasing for a red one, Benfica red. I just have to sell one first. I would trade my Maruszczyk Jazz Fretless for that. You can find it in the classifieds, os you have any interest.
  11. Hi, what a beautiful bass! What's the nut width? Thanks!
  12. Ok, maybe an electric guitar, then? Or acoustic maybe?
  13. Would a trade interest you? I have a Sandberg California Supreme VM4. Maybe a Maruszczyk Jazz Fretless?
  14. Any interest in a trade for a Sandberg California Supreme VM4? Thank you.
  15. Nice. My 5 string wouldn't perhaps interest you? As soon as I sell my 5, I'm buying this one.
  16. I would trade, but I don't think he is interested. I want to sell this one to buy that one.
  17. Hello. No, I put TI Jazz Flats when I got it.
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