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  1. Me too. Much better quality than vynil, almost indestructible and, many of the times, much cheaper than they used to be. Vynil prices are just to take advantage of the hypsters. I still buy CDs and I love it. It's a collection like so many. I also have spotify, of course, but when at home I love to play my CDs and read the booklets. As for vynil, not for me. Too much hassle for too little sound. Just now, I'm updating my collection on CLZ.
  2. Hello guys, I know it's not a BB, but I saw a local Pulser 400 for sale in almost mint condition. How much would be a fair price? I have seen a couple from Japan selling at around 350-400 euros. But with almost 200 euros for shipping and you never know about customs. Thanks.
  3. Thank you both for the help. Could you guys please point me to the pages in this thread where you discuss that? Interesting what you both say abound the sound being different. I'll have to listen to samples. I noticed they have different pickups, but I thought it was just the name.
  4. Hello guys, I have been tempted to buy a Yamaha bass for a while, I love their pianos and I'm sure the quality of their basses is up there. If looking for a passive, how big a leap in quality from the bb pro, to the other bb passive models, like the 434?
  5. 50k?! Is that a projection or did you add a zero?
  6. Hi, That Merlos is sweet, but I am really looking for specific specs, particularly regarding the neck. Thanks!
  7. Still for sale, or Trade. I am looking for a very specific bass for trade: 5 string single cut, 32" or 33", 16 to 17mm spacing at the bridge, 45mm at the nut, max. I also have a Mensinger (Maruszczyk) Cazpar 30" that I could add to the deal. https://www.basschat.co.uk/topic/430206-sale-or-trade-mensinger-maruszczyk-cazpar-30-short-scale-active-passive-4-string/
  8. For sale my new Mensinger Cazpar (Maruszczyk) 30" bass. I bought it in a part exchange deal 2 months ago. I also got another short scale and I don't need 2. I'm looking for a sale, if it is a trade, I am looking for something very specific and could add my Maruszczyk Fretless to the deal. I am looking for a very specific bass for trade: 5 string single cut, 32" or 33", 16 to 17mm spacing at the bridge, 45mm at the nut, max.
  9. What a wonderful instrument.
  10. Uau. 1980, you say? Absolutely no trades?
  11. This wasn't cancelled, yet?
  12. Thanks! Maybe he read this thread, that looks really good!
  13. He's giving it away, now. Fantastic price. I have a 5 stringer of those. What a sound.
  14. I love this bass. Somebody buy one of mine so I can buy this one!!
  15. HI, I don't know, but it's the lightest instrument I have, that's for sure. Lighter than my American AVRI Fender, for example. Right now, the bass is with my Luthier, for a full setup. I will check the weight when it returns.
  16. Thanks. This is the last price, I really like this bass, and wish I can sell one of the others before this one. I have my eye on a killer 32".
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