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  1. If my Sadowsky was a 5 string I’d be giving this some serious thought.
  2. Sadly I can’t afford this beautiful bass but I just have to say - that’s some fantastic playing right there!.
  3. Can you please PM me if the guy doesn't take it and I'll come over,I'm only in Stockport.Thanks.
  4. I'm very interested if it's the right size.Could you please furnish me with the measurements/dimensions as I think they make a few different sizes.Many thanks.
  5. [color=#141823][font=helvetica, arial,] Late 70's P basses are a minefield of poor quality control.Your's is arguably better than many of them.[/font][/color]
  6. Just arrived home with the above bass.It's glorious and has been lovingly kept. The description is spot on and the little nicks in the finish are practically invisible.Darren is one of the good guys,deal with him with the utmost confidence and peace of mind. Many thanks Darren.
  7. That is a stone cold bargain!!.GLWTS.
  8. I'm currently using one these with a matching 2x10.Great cab.GLWTS.
  9. I exchanged texts with rhythmikal when I saw this on Gumtree a few weeks ago.I had the forlorn hope it might,by some miracle,be a medium scale but alas 'twas not.He's a nice guy though and this bass is a steal at this price.
  10. Beautiful warm tone and lovely playing.Have a bump with added vibrato
  11. I haven't checked my lottery ticket for tonight but if I've won I'll be in touch immediately.Beautiful bass and given the cost of a new one,a great price too.
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