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  1. [quote name='nash' timestamp='1492813915' post='3283497'] Banging a Fender logo on a bass to invite confidence is a lie. It's deception. Whether you sell it or not. It's the intention of making people think it's a Fender. It's brand snobbery enablism. [/quote] Is a 5 3" woman in shoes with 3" heels deceiving people into believing she is really 5 6"? Is this height snobbery? Of course im being silly but perhaps people just make what they have look better to them. If that also gives a little confidence, then bonus.
  2. Confidence perhaps? If the price for someone enjoying themselves a little more is a slight bending of the truth, why not.
  3. darren


    If you're experimenting with slap and the phone rings it's probably the 1980s asking for their bass back.
  4. There are lots of good bass tuition videos on YouTube. Search for Scott's Bass Lessons for example. Also check out some bass set up videos as it will be easier and more enjoyable to learn if your bass is well set up.
  5. Sold John a cab today. Great guy to deal with. Thanks!
  6. Buy a chorus pedal (and maybe an overdrive) and play around the 12th fret.
  7. I've played live with only a 112 cab for a couple of years. Before that i had a *Prometheus 110 combo (wish I hadn't sold that, it was ace). I've always played through the PA too so, to me, no point in carrying anything bigger. It helps that the band like to get a good onstage sound, i.e. not too loud, meaning I've never pushed the amp or cab. *Promethean
  8. Can't imagine there will be many better cabs for 100 earth pounds on this market place. Bump.
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