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  1. I actually really love playing at the St Moritz club. Mind you I was in a technical punk band and we would play anywhere dingy. Didnt even bother with putting anything but the drummer on stage.
  2. Nope, not a peep out of them! No idea what I am to replace with at the moment
  3. Update. A full refund has been issued with no comment. I should receive in 6 days. So a happyish ending :-)
  4. I think that's probably not the case. Especially with the matching headstock. But who knows! I'll give them the benefit of the doubt on that one!
  5. Cheers mate. Really they should give the benefit of the doubt. Put things into my perspective, I purchased a guitar, took the neck off to adjust the angle of the neck in a setup only to find a fault in the neck. I couldn't have known about the fault unless I took the neck off. Therefore I was sold a broken guitar but now I cannot get a refund because why?... I should also mention I bought this through ebay. Pretty sure I may have some extra protections as the buyer because of this.
  6. Was that Ibanez UK? The guitar has been sent back. I haven't sent the shop a reply to their message. Ball is in their court.
  7. Well it's all packed up securely and ready to go. Hopefully there will be a happy ending. I'll let the seller know when it has been sent, just not sure what to reply with other then that.
  8. The person who emailed me is the purchases and accounts manager.
  9. To install a neck shim. Also to work out whether the crack I saw was in the finish or wood. If it was finish I would have let it go, as its the wood I cannot.
  10. Just received this email. How do I respond to this? I wouldnt have been able to see a fault if I didn't take the neck off. Does it really invalidate the warranty? " You have put us in a very difficult position here. By taking off the neck you have effectively invalidated the warranty. You should not need to remove the neck to adjust the setup and by removing the neck you may well have caused some of this damage. The fit and finish of Ibanez guitars at this price point and even higher is never perfect. They have crammed a lot of features in to the guitar for the price. In order for us to authorise a full refund we need to receive the guitar back in the exact same condition as we sent it. We'll be in touch as soon as it gets back to us."
  11. I have been sent a return label with no comment. Hopefully a refund will be issued in due course Rob.
  12. Merchant City music Glasgow, from their Ebay account. I have sent the photos and a description of the problem just now. Let's see what they come back with! Hope they don't try and wriggle out of it as the neck has been taken off. (Though how else would I be able to see a factory flaw!)
  13. See posts below for shop response! Hello all. I have recently purchased a brand new Ibanez RGA42FM-BLF online. I have a few issues with the fit and finish of it. I took the neck off as part of a set up and noticed that there is a crack running through the base of the neck from one of the screw holes. In addition there looks to have been a repair made to the neck pocket area where it meets the pickup. It's hard to see but there appears to be a crack and glue traces to repair it. Lastly the side of the bridge pickup rout has either been cut poorly or damaged by whoever installed the pickup at the factory. I am not sure if this is me just being picky. Could you please advise? Rob
  14. I live in nearby Becontree. Been here for just over a year. There is no such thing as and originals scene, either people wanting to play originals or venues wanting original bands. I go to the centre of London to practice instead. Luckily I work there.
  15. I remember a number of these basses being produced in the mid 2000's no named but matching headstock colours (For the J basses), high gloss necks with the full bits of tin (Bridge and pup covers). They had both P and J's and were reasonably well made with decent (Though usually heavy) woods. Many of them had mint coloured scratchplates. The rumour was (From the shopkeeper who sold them himself) is that they were made by the Chinese factory who called themselves Tokai (but had nothing to do with the Tokai we all know and love). They are decent basses but nothing special.
  16. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2a1wm3E7_wQ A Wilhelm Scream - The Horse.
  17. Quite embarrassing. I have played for about 15 years and the longest I have kept a bass is my current 3 band stingray. Which I have only had for about 2 and a half years!
  18. [quote name='Slug Ice' timestamp='1494452011' post='3296197'] Hi Which version of the B7K are you selling? The earlier one or the newer one with more knobs and things? [/quote] Depends. The Later version of the B7K has additional switches including cut etc. The B7K Ultra is the one with the additional EQ as well as Cut switches etc.
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