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  1. Where do you sell/buy your guitars?

    I've sold guirars on Gumtree, Guitar Mart, & ebay. Interesting nobody has mentioned Reverb yet, but I've not tried them.
  2. 12 string guitars

    I just broke the bank to buy a Taylor 562ce 12 fret & I'm so glad I did. It's super easy to play & by far the best 12 string tone I've ever heard, even with me playing it! The 254 is also a very nice guitar, but for me the 562 is just better & easier than the 200 & 800 series.
  3. Feedback for bertbass

    Just bought an illuminated headstock from Bertbass. It looks teriffic! Ideal pressie for the guitarist or bassist that already has everything! Pleasure to deal with, & very quick response to emails. Many thanks Terry.
  4. Same bass different weight

    Last summer I tried out a s/h Squier VM 77 bass in black which was lively and light, in Epsom GG, I should have snapped it up then but they were just closing, & it sold before I could go back again. I decided it was so nice I would get a new one from Andertons, again the bass I tried was lovely and light, but it was slightly marked. Fortunately Andertons had plenty in stock so I took home another, still in it's box. When I got it home & unboxed it, it felt heavy. I weighed it and it was 4.4kgs 9.5lbs. That's not light in my book. I took it back & asked that they swap it for the lightest one of the 3 in the warehouse, unboxed it in the shop and sure enough, that felt light. I weighed it when I got home, it's 3.394kgs / 7.48lbs. Exactly the same model, from the same shop, alegedly made of the same Agathis body wood, & presumably very possibly bought from the same production run, yet over a kilo weight difference!
  5. Where to buy block inlays?

    Take a look at Rothko & Frost too.
  6. Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro - Offical Hardcase issue

    Shylock has just posted an Epi hard case for sale in the marketplace if you haven't resolved this issue yet.
  7. Epiphone Thunderbird Classic Pro - Offical Hardcase issue

    Looks like they've sent you an Firebird guitar case. What's written on the box?
  8. John Entwistle Book...

    Just won a copy on an ebay auction for £32. Early birthday pressie to myself!
  9. Xmas Pressies for the discerning bassist

    +1 for TC Electronic clip tuner!
  10. The lightest bass?

    My light basses are:- Dano Longhorn 2.8kgs 6.17lbs Dano Wild Thing 2.8kgs 6.33lbs Squier VM 77 Jazz 3.39kgs 7.48lbs and the heavy mob are:- Epi T'bird Pro iv 4.2kgs 9.21lbs Squier CV 50s P 4.3kgs 9.5lbs
  11. You could simplify things by fitting a 3 way switch, as per the original strats. No guitarist should be Stratless. It's the law!
  12. Recipe for refinishing?

    Right, the sun is out, I have the Old English White / Aged Oly White nitro, fresh thinners, tack cloths, spray gun and compressor at the ready! But just before I transform my new, black, Squier 77 Jazz into white with pearl guard and white pickup covers to coordinate with the bound maple neck with pearl blocks, I just wanted to seek approval for my plan of action, namely:- 1. Sand back poly finish with 600(?) grit to give surface for nitro to key onto. (Really don't see the point in stripping it to bare wood when I have a perfect even surface to begin with.) 2. Prep with meths & tack cloth. 3. Dilute nitro with 50/50 thinners & apply 4-6 coats allowing half to three quarters of an hour between coats. (Spraying in garage, not in direct sunlight) 4. Leave overnight before checking if further coats are necessary, if not allow to harden off for 2-3 weeks before flatting back & buffing. Queries I have, (as I've only painted bodies and necks from bare wood up before in white blonde & Pelham blue metallic), are:- 1. Is 600 grit right? 2. Will my white nitro cover the black poly okay, I don't need a primer do I? 3. I want the white to stay white for as long as possible, therefore I don't want to do a clear coat on top which yellows more quickly. (Thinking of old sonic blues turning into surf greens as they age here.) But can I still get a proper glossy shine finish without one? Do you forsee any problems with my plan? All hints & tips appreciated, now over to the wisdom of the basschat masses!
  13. Squier Jazz weights conundrum

    Earlier this month I bought a Squier 77 Jazz and deliberately chose the black finish, as both it and the sunburst versions are made from Agathis, which was much lighter than the natural version made from soft maple. However, when I unboxed my virgin new bass & went to pull it up out if the box, it was heavy. Just as heavy as my CV 50s pine bass. In fact it was 4.8 kgs / 10.5 lbs, so not very light at all. I called Andertons & swapped it the next day for exactly the same model & colour of bass that weighs just 3.4kgs / 7.5lbs. I still can't believe that the same wood can vary in weight that much, thats a 1.4kg / 3lb difference, it must be 'swamp' agathis! Guess the moral of the story is every piece of wood is different, you just have to pick it up & try it out.
  14. Gone...

    PM'd in case it's still available.
  15. TC Electronic Polytune Clip Tuner

    Andertons have them in stock today.