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  1. Hi all, Any tips on good places to get Duracells or Energizers in multipacks. Fed up of paying £3.50-£5 for 9v from local supermarkets. Any tips on good heavy duty version batteries for active basses? I now Duracell do a Heavy Duty. Thanks, Ben
  2. Same here. Rehearse till 10.30. Home by 11pm. Stay up for an hour hoping to feel sleepy then lie in bed with head racing. Didn't get off to sleep until after 4am last week!
  3. Great gig with We Three Kings at Blossoms in Stockport. Small crowd but everyone into it and appreciative. Sweltering temp under the lights and two flights of stairs with my ancient Laney 4x10 not so great though.
  4. It looks faintly ridiculous sitting on top of a big 410 however. Will look to upgrade to a smaller 212 4ohm cabs in the coming months.
  5. Just bought one from Amazon, great amp really pleased and great value currently at £220. I had an audition last week and needed a new amp having stupidly sold of my TC BG500 a year or so ago. Read some reviews and ummed and ahhed around whether to get the 500w version I decided on the 350w -Reason being The TC was super loud at 500w, never had it past 3 on volume and never felt it was properly utilising the drivers at low volume so I figured that 350 would be ample. Wanted a standard rock tone and that exactly what I go using the BB614 and Bass Attack preamp. Ran it at 8ohms through a Laney 410 at half volume and it sounded immense during the audition! ...and I got the gig! Yay.
  6. Popped in to Dawson Altrincham to see if I could find a flight case for my Portaflex. This branch is unfortunately one of the ones closing down, which is a real shame as the staff in there have always been really nice and helpful. Wandering round I spied this. Never seen one before but picked it up for a go. Great chunky neck, great hardware- sounded good and a great bass platform to mod on. I think I'm going to give it a go at practice first before modding, as the pickups sound really quite good. Super buy for £130!! I've just joined a new band (punky/Rocky/Garage type sounds) and figured this would look great on stage, maybe a leopard print strap etc. Whaddya reckon. My wife hates it!
  7. I just bought a PF350 from Amazon for a new band project. £223 and sounds great.
  8. [quote name='LewisK1975' timestamp='1487321739' post='3238870'] Certainly not [i]un[/i]known but a lesser known firm favourite of mine was a 70's band called Big Star. 3 albums released - #1 record, Radio City, 3rd album/Sister Lovers. Also been known to have a huge influence on such bands as The Posies, Teenage Fanclub and many more.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Big_Star [/quote] Good documentary about them on Netflix if anyone is interested.
  9. [quote name='interpol52' timestamp='1487282588' post='3238701'] Subcircus. We supported them in the 90's and I was speechless watching their set. Their album Carousel is one of my all time favourites. [/quote] Well I'll be, you beat me to it. Great band, loved Carousel and saw then at Reading festival on 00 or 01. Should have been huge. I'll see that bet and raise you... Jonathan Fire-eater ....or Jack
  10. [quote name='Musicman20' timestamp='1486383754' post='3231238'] Hey you must be fairly close to me! I'm in that area. I agree the Dawsons in Alty is much better. [/quote] Hi Musicman, Yes I'm in Sale so a frequenter of all the South Manchester shops. I bought a Marshall DSL40 over at Sounds Great in the last three weeks. Great service and stock over there.
  11. Marvel Guitars in Timperley, opened two years ago. Great little store. Dawsons in Manchester, awful. Dawsons in Altrincham, great, with really nice staff although less stock to choose from. Is South City Music in Altrincham still open? Closed every time I've been past.
  12. Hi all, Are there any Basschatters in the Sale, Altrincham or local South Manchester area who may be able to assist? I've secured a long distance buyer for my Genz Benz XB2 610 cab. Problem is, I never got around to getting a head for it, and now need to establish it's working correctly before handing over to a buyer in a couple of weeks time. I've agreed to do this due diligence before the sale. I've only ever run a small guitar head through it, which works fine but doesn't really move the drivers much on this beast of a cab. I've asked in my network and local guitar shop to no avail so far. Would have brought to NW bass bash, but that's the weekend I'm now away and delivering the cab enroute. Could I possibly borrow a bass head for an hour to run the cab through its paces please? Bass head can be of any flavour up to 900watt rating. I will collect and return it the same day and happy to leave collateral, first born child etc to guarantee its safe return. Happy also to bring cab to your practice room to test if more practible? It's a 4ohm cab. Please send me a PM if you think you might be able to assist. Thanks in advance all, Ben
  13. It may well calm down in due course. I go my tinnitus when I had a bad cold and it too at least six or seven weeks to calm down.
  14. I wish you well. I've got a ENT appointment later in Feb for tinnitus (its calmed down a lot thankfully) brought on not by gigging (I wear earpugs) but a few hours in loud nightclub on the work Christmas do!
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