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  1. There used to be a few metal four string basses that came set up from factory with low tunings. I’m thinking brands like ESP/Jackson/Schecter perhaps it was signature models from Korn or Deftone bassists. Speak to a local guitar tech discuss what you want and see whether you’d need extended range.
  2. We got offered a small unpaid slot at food festival approximately four hours drive away. Turned it down as we didn't want to be the opening act for Hummus...
  3. HI I'm in a rock Power Trio. I'm running a Ibanez Talman with a precision type tone (EMG Geezer PJ) through Ampeg Portaflex and Laney 410. The main part of my sound is coming from my Hartke Bass Attack Preamp pedal- Discontinued but I highly recommend one if you can find one. It adds massive girth and presence to my tone. If I need a bit more colour I add in some OD from my Ampeg Scrambler pedal. My current board looks like this:
  4. Thank you! A Classic Albums episode I haven't seen!
  5. Is this a case of dress for the job you want- Guy wanted to be in Mastodon, all places were taken. Decides to be come a soul/pop balladeer on the flip side?
  6. Daddario EXL Nickel Round wound- Far less hard on your fingies that Rotos or Ernie Balls- IMHO
  7. Biggest gig we've done last November. Proper venue and we are first support for a name Artist. Enter stage from backstage trying to look cool and collected for the hundred or so early punters there lined up at the barrier. Every thing was sounding great at soundcheck, but when I start the first song I can hear myself in the monitors and front of house, but my trousers aren't exactly flapping in a bass tornado. Turn around to look at the amp and its dark. In my pre-gig nerves I've forgotten to turn on the bloody Ampeg and all I'm hearing is the DI to FOH from my preamp pedal. Clearly punters are hearing bass so not an issue ....but at the end of first song I have a walk of shame to the amp to turn it on- Which being a Portaflex - erupts in beautiful purple light to highlight my shame in a beautiful glow...
  8. Great bass players in Norfolk. Lots of double thumbers....
  9. Errgh, I feel like I just caught something. How old are those strings also.
  10. The BB sounds great as it is and the EMGs wouldn't fit anyway as the BB has the metal pickup rings and the pups have rounded ends. Talman needed minimal adjustment for the EMGs and it sounds immense.
  11. Best of the Year for me was my Ibanez Talman. I picked it up in Dawsons closing down sale for £130 new and then dropped a set of PJ EMG Geezer Butlers in. Its now ow my main gigging bass as it sounds monstrous (although I like the neck far less than my Yamaha BB)!!! Worse for me was a EHX Bass Big Muff. Failed to get any decent usable tones out of it.
  12. http://www.flyguitars.com/interviews/martinturner2.php This is really very interesting
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