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  1. Thanks @adamg67and @sammybee, good to know how the trade in works if you can't get there in person.
  2. Just out of interest, how did you do the trade in? Did you courier the bass in or go to the premises yourself?
  3. I actually thought that i didn't remember that track very well. Listening on streaming, not the original tape... I rate those two tracks you mention, but maybe less complex than most of the other tracks.
  4. Just listened to the whole album again in the car been a while since i played the whole thing, I disagree on that. There is definetely one stinker on there "my creation" and I think it could be a joke, Megadeth had a tradition of a joke song or cover on each album. The rest are very consistent in my view. It almost surprised me listening back, obviously holy wars and tornado of souls are high points, but the rest are only just further back. Listened to killing is my business again too for contrast. Actually a lot more fun but also nastier (in a good way) than I remembered it.
  5. You should do an overall ranking list of the 8 albums once you've finished. I'd supply my own but it would be heavily biased by growing up with a couple of these. For instance, I'd rate AJFA pretty highly as an album even though there is no bass. I think it was my only metallica album for many years when such things were expensive to buy and hard to find for a poor kiwi. So I have a soft spot for it. Same with So Far, So Good, So What, although with the latter, I think it still rates high on its own merit too.
  6. I love that. I really like that Ibanez do these crazy models. They might be the only major manufacturer that does (or did) instruments like this.
  7. Yeah, that's an awesome one. So far so good so what was my favourite when I was young, but now if I'm honest with myself Rust in Peace is. I want to hear Marty Friedman playing Into the Lungs of Hell off so far... but I can't find any recording where he's done it.
  8. I'm sure that's where the phrase comes from. I play in my bedroom if I need to escape the kids, so it's the reverse of that! I use it to mean a player who doesn't play live (ie me), it probably started out as being derogatory, but I'm reclaiming it! Even Cliff was a bedroom bassist once!
  9. I don't actually play in my bedroom either.. well not often. Just a phrase.
  10. I stopped playing for a while after my last band. Picked it up again about 5 years ago and have been solo bedroom player except for the odd jam/party/campfire. It's probably natural to come and go from it a bit. I used to think it was all about getting ready to play in bands but now I get more enjoyment for it's own sake and there's always the faint possibly the right group of people will magically come together to play again. If you enjoy it, stick with it. I'm sure 99% of players are bedroom only anyway.
  11. I started off being entertained by that but then it truly sucked the life out of me and I started losing the will to live! Sounded a little bitter and twisted to me and based on what they became rather than what they were then. Made a good point about all the remakes of Beyond the Realms of Death, of which Metallica have at least 3. With reviews like that though, it's a wonder anyone ever picks up an instrument and dares to have a go. I think what gets missed in these things about who is the greatest etc, is creativity and energy. It's not just virtuosity and sometimes not even that. Cliff had that in spades. Happy Cliff 'em All Day!
  12. Tricky one raffles. They are running it to benefit a registered charity so they should be ok. Fairly sure if it's run online they need to register with their local authority. Could easily be wrong though. Tempting to enter regardless.
  13. It's the old version of the American Standard Pickup, just called American Standard Pickup. I think they changed the Am Std P Bass pickups to the 62 version but kept the 'Am Std' pickup for the special run Mex basses (Classic 50, Roadworn, etc). I have the honey one, which like yours is fantastically light. So light I put resolite tuners on it so it balances better. That changed the tone a huge amount actually, much brighter, I have to roll off 1/4 turn of tone to get the pre tuner change tone. I also changed the pickup to the SD SPB1, but that's just to get a certain sound.
  14. I noticed that as well. Then again I already have a few options for those on my board, when I'm done travelling, so I probably shouldn't get greedy.
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