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  1. Great to wake up to a new maiden song. Very much enjoyed it too. Reminded me of the red and the black, another epic off the last album. The book of souls was the first maiden album in a long time that I listened to on repeat. This next one could be even better.
  2. I hear that thread was so good it's now going to be serialised by basschat. Even if you are a fully paid up basschat supporter you can only read it in monthly installments.
  3. Bit gutted Dusty is gone. My favourite rock star bass player, singing since he was 8, on the road since he was 13. Loved this story about how he worked in an airport in the 70s while Frank was in rehab. https://ultimateclassicrock.com/dusty-hill-day-job/
  4. I don't mind the aging voices, you lose some things but gain others. Bruce still has it in my book, check out the youtube vid of him singing Jerusalem with Ian Anderson in Canterbury Cathedral, magic. Think of Johnny Cash's last album, his faltering old voice makes that something really special. I'm also reminded of Terry Jones singing on Pagan Altar's final album, haunting and memorable stuff. If you want to listen to younger Bruce singing The Writing on the Wall, check out this cover by Bruce's Brazilian vocal doppelganger:
  5. Opeth. Sorceress is a cracking track to play on 5 string. Last couple of albums by Baroness are in D standard, but the Bass player plays a std 5 string on most stuff live.
  6. Blaze was a bit like Gary Cherone singing in Van Halen, nothing wrong with the vocals in particular, just not what you want to hear with that band. At least he kept the band going and they didn't all pack it in after Bruce left. Who could've replaced Bruce though? Dio maybe?
  7. I thought Glenn Danzig had replaced Bruce when I first saw the promo pictures...
  8. He did, then he got slaughtered by skeletor Eddie...
  9. Me too, it's only the 'can you see' part though.
  10. I haven't got anything intelligent to say about mixes etc, but I loved it. I'm also more of a fan of Seventh Son and before, but there has always been one or two songs on each album that are worth listening to. Hopefully there will be more in this vein with the animation to go with each track.
  11. Quite something to turn up at a cash converters in NZ. No idea if that is a good price, halve it for GBP. https://www.trademe.co.nz/3109463843
  12. Thanks @adamg67and @sammybee, good to know how the trade in works if you can't get there in person.
  13. Just out of interest, how did you do the trade in? Did you courier the bass in or go to the premises yourself?
  14. I actually thought that i didn't remember that track very well. Listening on streaming, not the original tape... I rate those two tracks you mention, but maybe less complex than most of the other tracks.
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