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  1. Seller seems to have removed it from sale plus an epihone rivoli he had up.
  2. Never seen the bass version in the flesh. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193724052913
  3. I'm probably getting confused about garageband, it's a while since I used it, it seemed to be a lot quicker than my pc method. I use ableton for audio and premiere for video. It all just seems over the top and slow for my needs. I'll take a look at davinci.
  4. Out of interest, what daw are you using for sound and video editing? I'd like to be able to record audio and video at the same time without endless syncing issues and cutting and pasting between daw and video editor. Garageband is the only one I've seen that does it quickly and easily but I dont have access to a decent mac.
  5. I reported the jazzmaster on that listing yesterday. Didn't check at the time to see the other listings. I'm surprised ebay took so long. Maybe they only investigate if they get several reports.
  6. I don't know if these ads are fake as such, but they are definitely outside Ebay rules so will be taken down soon. I assume it's a scam though. Clue is the the email address in the photos.
  7. It's gone one better than music man with a 7 bolt neck... On the plus side, it does have a schaller roller bridge on it.
  8. Just an update. I saw a Boss RC10R going for a good price and impulse purchased it... whoops. It turns out its actually just what I need, although probably the donner circle looper above would have worked too. Only had a quick play so far, but pretty intuitive and it will make a fantastic practice tool for guitar and bass.
  9. I was leaning towards the jamman stereo, quite like the layout and functions, but the rhythm track is really limited. For that matter the RC3 is quite limited too, but not quite as bad.
  10. Being a total looper newb I really want to start out with something reasonably cheap and simple without too much of a learning curve.
  11. I've been interested in those but was under the impression they weren't stereo ie you couldn't have a different instrument running out of each channel, it was more two outputs and bring while to send the rhythm track only to a mixer. It's that right?
  12. I'm looking for recommendations for Stereo Loopers with a Rhythm guide - preferably drum tracks. Totally new to loopers but need something to quickly record bass and guitar for mainly practice purposes, especially looking for a looper with a drum track as I'd also like to practicing keeping good time as well. I don't know if I'm barking up the wrong tree but I want to be able to run in stereo so I can send bass (and rhythm) to my bass amp and guitar to tube amp. I'm really only assuming this is what the stereo function is for! I think the obvious option for me is a Boss RC3, but they seem expensive for they are and I'm not about just the one footswitch. Holy grail would be able to have to loop tracks (verse/chorus) or be able to switch memory slots on the fly. Apart from the RC3, I've spotted this Donner Circle Looper on Amazon, but the reviews make it look a bit fragile: https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0863JBS8S/?coliid=IBK19M441W647&colid=37QM5FL3GWZ5B&psc=1&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it Thinking seriously about an older Jamman Stereo or Jamman Solo XT, but the rhythm track is a bit limited - more like a metronome. Any suggestions welcome, looking at a max £100 budget new or used - otherwise I'd get the Boss RC10R - although that is probably too complicated for me! Cheers for reading!
  13. That is truly epic. AJFA was actually my favourite Metallica Album as a guitar playing teenage numpty, but I really lost interest in them from the Black album onwards. Just lately I've been getting into the Burton albums again, but not AJFA - I really like the version above though. Better with fingers than pick I have to say (sorry Jason!)
  14. I think it's the creativity that is the difference. Ellefson and Bello (and Burton) are responsible for some iconic basslines, Newstead... not really. Maybe not his fault, but that's the way it is. I was thinking the other day about the other new boy in Metallica, Hammett. He pretty much always gets derided but many of his solos up to the black album are iconic too. If you could cut off their careers in 1989 they'd all be legends!
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