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  1. What an incredible list of bass string endorsees (right word?). I have to join the choir of Harris fans though. How does he do it?!
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  3. Just to round off the topic, I think I'll just solder in a longer cable rather than use an extension. It's sounding like the most straightforward and reliable option and also the cheapest! That last little bit of info from agedhorse makes the decision easy really. I only considered an extension because my soldering skill is somewhat sub optimal! Thanks for everyone's posts and input, very much appreciated.
  4. Thanks for this info. Much appreciated!
  5. Well, I agree in general, but my walkabout was made in the early to mid 2000s. Not sure when it became standard procedure to install speakons on everything.
  6. Not suprising I guess. I was vaguely thinking of a locking jack socket for extra security, like this: https://www.neutrik.com/en/product/nj3fc6 or are these for instrument cables only? EDIT: I found one pre-made - would this do the trick: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Tour-Grade-Van-Damme-SPEAKER-Mono-Jack-Extension-Socket-Lead-AMP-CAB-Cable/152751182825
  7. Bill, thanks so much for your input. I take it the neutrik equivalent would be fine also? Also assume there is no problem having an extra male to female connection in the line to the extension cab?
  8. I can see how this would be confusing. The Walkabout combo is a backpack type combo, you can remove the amp to use as a stand alone head. I have two of the backpack combo cabinets but only one amp between them. Check out the crappy image attached to see what I mean. Also, this ad from bassdirect shows the arrangement at the back of the cab - the speaker cable is only about 8 inches long: http://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Mesa_Boogie_Walkabout_115_combo.html
  9. Although i don't have 2 walkabout heads, if I did I would use them in a master-slave arrangement. Ie with one preamp driving 2 poweramps through the effect return of the slave amp. Would be a killer rig.
  10. Just to clarify, there's only 1 amp, the second combo cab will just act as an extension cab. The walkabout head doesn't have speakon connections unfortunately. Sounds like I'll be getting my soldering iron out though from your answer...
  11. Hi All, Just after some advice, I have 2 walkabout combo cabs, but I want to use one as an external cab. However, these just come with a short cable to link to the amp inside the combo housing. To get it to the back of the amp in the top combo i need a 2 ft extension. I know the ideal would be to replace the existing cable with a hard wired longer one, but is there any harm in using a male to female 2ft extension with quality jacks?
  12. I feeling a bit happier today, i still haven't got the tone I wanted but I'm on the way and can now see it's possible. To cut a long story short I needed to set the EQ controls on the VMTD flat and set the boost to off on the B3K, also the grunt setting onto thin from Raw, at least for now. That gets me in the ballpark but I've got some work to do yet. Be a while before I report back on this - I haven't even had time to swap the order yet!
  13. Understood on the cab sim limitations. I was just using the cab sim settings with a few tweaks from the manual, to be honest I just liked the tone, how it corresponded to an actual cab I'm not sure! I will try it out at the front of the chain over the weekend. Live is a whole other thing, I've no prospect of playing live again for some time, so I won't consider that yet.
  14. With the stacked DG boxes I'm really after a quite defined tone, along the lines of Nolly Getgood but with a little more bottom end. So the high part of the fizz needs to be there, just not too fizzy! I had a play last night and running the Q last I just can't get a tone I'm happy with, however, with the Q bypassed the tone is also a hollow fizzy crap fest! So, it seems that the magic happens when driving the Walkabout preamp and the VMTD and B3K settings won't read across. So tonight I'll start from everything flat or zeroed on all three pedals (after noting the current settings) and go from there. I'll also swap the order if that fails time permitting. Cheers all for the input!
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