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  1. I wonder if that's where Alex Lifeson got the idea from.
  2. Fair enough, that makes sense. I didn't used to be fan of F basses either, but I've mellowed about it over the years.
  3. That's interesting, I've never heard Jags described as ugly. Was there something more extreme about your one? I have a five string one, they seem to go for ok money (as do most of the Squier 5ers). I find it a really comfortable bass to play, for me it's the same as a jazz bass, but without the lower horn getting on the way. I wouldn't have any issue playing it in public, I'd class it as quite a traditional shape than pointy like the 80s hair metal basses.
  4. I don't know why Laney doesn't get more attention. Seems to be great gear at good prices. I think my dream rig would be a Laney Nexus Tube plus a stack. No space, money or need though...
  5. There's a N210 and a N115 for a similar price in Birmingham too.
  6. Not a signature version. Rich tone had one https://www.richtonemusic.co.uk/product/fender-precision-lyte-natural-with-case-yfender35278/
  7. Signature version of a precision lyte like this one
  8. Made in Japan and looks to be a signature model. Domestic market special run?
  9. Luckily they don't take themselves that seriously - especially Iron Maiden. Megadeth can be a bit overly serious, but even in that video I posted there are a fews stops where they are doing a stupid head banging move and you can see they are laughing through it. Now I think about it, I'm not sure any music or art in general should be taken entirely seriously...
  10. Just adding to that, you can also hear him playing just as tight on any number of bass clinics on YouTube and indeed live for Megadeth. This one at Hammersmith Apollo is my favourite Also, I wouldn't change anything on Krist's track. It's exactly how Nirvana should sound.
  11. This is actually the thought I had. I have a pj5 bass with a j retro, I don't particularly like the pickups, although the J retro helps. I wanted to use the j retro elsewhere and was looking at perhaps the emg set as a replacement. Lack of time and money has shelved that though! Just as an aside, the is one annoying thing about the j retro for a pj. In passive mode, you can't solo the P pickup. You either have both, or solo J. So I've wired my pickups back to front so the P can be soloed.
  12. I drew a blank when I was looking around for a set too. The problem seems to be the P pickup, not many 5 string options for that, especially in the budget ranges.
  13. Have you checked out the EMG PJ5 Set? About £150 but does come with a solderless loom etc, so saves you a little bit in the electronics department.
  14. Jarock fretless. Never heard of the brand, internet search suggests they are similar to Blazers but with funkier colours. Any info? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/153926537681
  15. Someone is bidding though! Unusual bridge, strange cross between a 51 style and a musicman.
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