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  1. Thanks for the generous reply - I've reposted the link, quite a bit online about about the band Godiego - they are still active I believe - lots of side projects. Enjoy checking them out.
  2. That's a bit harsh. He implies in the article that as a player he helped with playability, that's still design detail. He says it's a minor role - he wasn't even paid. And people use the term 'lawsuit' in a pretty colloquial way, it doesn't have to mean papers filed and a court decision in everyone's mind. I didn't put the article up so this player could be treated with cynicism in the time honoured internet tradition, he's a respected Japanese-American musician telling some anecdotes from the early days of Japanese hard rock. I've deleted the article, because I in no way want to be responsible for initiating discourteous remarks against this great guy.
  3. Previously deleted link back again - interesting interview with the bass player from the Japanese band Godiego (remember the Monkey magic TV Series). Has some interesting details about western musicians having some input into early Japanese instruments. https://reverb.com/uk/news/interview-godiegos-steve-fox?locale=en-GB
  4. Oh yeah, I agree with the point he makes completely, just a bit strange coming from him! Jaco is certainly marmite. I think you might be right about the tone, the chorusy nasal thing. I seem to really enjoy his work played by other people!
  5. Look, I love Victor, but this really is the pot calling the kettle carbonised. Next up a long lost Jaco interview where he tells all bassists to just play the root notes...
  6. I'm pretty sure this guy dismantles all the gear he buys, throws it in a tombola and then picks out parts at random to make a guitar. That Fender bass turning out looking like a HW1 is just pure random luck.
  7. According to the description, this bass features a 'hardtail bridge'. That's probably why you can't play country on it, you really need a bass trem bridge to play country. Christian rap metal sure, but not country...
  8. I'd like to thank him for providing some light relief in these dark days. My gratitude won't extend to actually buying one of his creations though...
  9. You have to pay extra for his custom shop models to get that.
  10. Is he the Voldemort of eBay? Maybe he makes Rickenbackers as the rules do say something about that...
  11. I did wonder about that when IBTL was posted above. Read the subforum rules and didn't see anything about this dude.
  12. Don't tell G4M, they'll butcher all their 7 strings down to 6 unevenly spaced ones so they can double the price! Weirdly, I was expecting worse feedback for this guy. No negative feedback and only a few scathing neutrals.
  13. Thanks mate, that was indeed entertaining. It turns out, all his tuners are like that! He's taken relicing from the merely roadworn to completely FUBARed. Noone can accuse him of hiding anything though, he shows his abominations off in great detail! My favourite is this metal 6 string... reduced from a 7 string. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193385394768 I love this guy, on the favourite sellers list!
  14. Come on, link the ad, I need some cheering up!
  15. Maybe this depends on which preamp you have. On my 3EQ with plastic battery box there is a passive signal when the battery is completely dead. When the battery is dying you get the farty sound, but remove it and I get a weak passive signal which can be used if you have enough amp gain left. I don't see why an active/passive switch wouldn't work. Aren't some of the USA sub basses passive with the same pickup?
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