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  1. well, I played a 50w Dumble OD Combo once and it had the nicest tone I had ever heard. So I had a friend of mine build me a signature amp based on a dumble overdrive and it sounds the way I always dreamed of. fantastic dynamics, great clean sound and beautiful overdrive. but any well made amp can give you that. nobody needs a dumble, but it is one of the 4 big sound directions: fender, marshall, dumble and trainwreck. nowadays there are so many boutique and standard amps with so many variations, that everybody will find something great for their budget...
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  4. and this justs fits: http://alanpaul.net/2015/04/derek-trucks-10-commandments-of-jam/
  5. [quote name='CamdenRob' timestamp='1428730292' post='2744091'] Erm... Knowing your theory is the single thing that will help most with improvising spontaneously. [/quote] sure, but I wanted to express something more like: you can't write a beautiful poem if you only know the letters and the grammar. there is more than scales and theory in musical improvisation and jamming.
  6. I didn't want to participate to bc for different matters anymore, but anyway: this topic is too good to leave it behind. after 33 years of being in the "biz" mostly on the creative and not the reproductive side, all I can say is: join [b]every [/b]"original" jam you can find. there is no better way to find your individual voice on your instrument, than jamming with great musicians (even not so great is good enough in the beginning - always try to play with better musos than you are). nowadays a "jamsession" seems to be a simple open mike with mostly poorly performed covers. for sure good enough for most of the people in the audience for being easily and simply entertained... but - when I started in the early 80s, every band that just had found each other started with a jamsession. one guy had a beat or a riff and off it goes. If you were lucky, it was the sketch of a new song the way as others here on the had mentioned. you went on and this was a way how a live set was completed in the beginning: [b]organic[/b]....It never was about theory, rules and stuff. it was just about emotions and about [b]LISTENING TO EACH OTHER[/b] while we were playing. back to 2015: times have changed. theory, scales, chords and composing systems are tought in all these "music" schools around your place or even online, most of the newly "released" musos know their theory, but... ...what they mostly lack is [b]LISTENING[/b] and [b]CONVERTING[/b]. No scale or chord structure will help you with improvising spontaneously, if you don't connect to what you listen to. the most important thing of being a muscian is mostly underestimated nowadays: [b]being able to listen[/b] to what is surrounding you (what good musos should do ). music is the most rewarding way (for me the most direct, the most beautiful, the most international and intercultural way to communicate and directly being able to see the heart of your "opponents" and the only way to interagitate with every unknown human being in a peaceful way. use it, listen, learn and teach your pupils to be able to communicate on their instrument, if you want to make this world a better place. jamming with great musicians for me is the highest and most rewarding way of living expressional music that exists. so grap every chance you get, spread the thought and keep the ball in play! cheers from germany!
  7. [url="http://www.lefay.de/english/bass_rob_rht.html#"]http://www.lefay.de/english/bass_rob_rht.html#[/url]
  8. [quote name='Sibob' timestamp='1424435860' post='2696262'] Slightly different from me here. My gf plays guitar, and when she joined a band, asked if she could borrow an overdrive pedal and a tuner. I had the first ever pedal I built (a Gainster clone) hanging around in a drawer, so after taking it apart and tightening everything up to my current standards (plus write/paint a ropey design on it, the Feist was born), and gifting her an old TU-2, she was up and running. Eventually she then wanted something with more gain and also a chorus pedal......and something to put them on . So for her birthday tomorrow, I have purchased a Pedal Train Nano from a member here, built her a Rat clone for her grittier needs, and purchased a little Chorus pedal too. The Chorus is great, £26.99 and essentially the same pedal as the Mooer Ensemble King and in the same enclosure as the new Godlyke mini pedals. Ah the beauty of multi-brand Chinese manufacturing. The patch cables I ordered didn't come in time for tomorrow, but they'll be smaller and tidier. Power is just daisy-chained from the tuner for now, she may update to an under-board power supply at some point perhaps. This will be popped in the pedal train carry case, wrapped up and she'll open it tomorrow Si [/quote] love the idea and the result. good luck!
  9. krysh

    Show us your rig!

    [quote name='JakeBrownBass' timestamp='1423833179' post='2689493'] A quick snap from rehearsals this week. [/quote] nice. how long do you need to set it up?
  10. finally I can join. it's small but gives me evertyhing I might need.
  11. [quote name='cytania' timestamp='1424040759' post='2691983'] If your amp has a Presence or similar upper treble control (my SWR is labelled 'Aural Enhancer') turn it up and concentrate on clean, expressive playing. By the same token if you always dial in compression ease it off. [/quote] I may stand corrected sir, but the way I have understood the "aural enhancer" is this: [url="http://www.experts123.com/q/what-is-the-aural-enhancer-and-what-does-it-do.html"]http://www.experts12...does-it-do.html[/url] not simply a presence and upper treble control but more a mid cut and bass&treble boost.
  12. since light is faster than sound, try to catch a look on the drummer kick foot to become more tight.
  13. krysh

    new video

    hi there, I only play the guitar in the video, but also recorded the basstrack with my sei jazz 5 that our friend in the video is playing. hope you like it! [url="https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=677139729063714"]https://www.facebook...677139729063714[/url] and by the way, this track is now on #12 in the beat100 charts, if you like it please vote and take us to the top! [url="http://www.beat100.com/audio-listen/privatprojekt-feat-jonjon---time-is-running_10110421/"]http://www.beat100.c...nning_10110421/[/url] thanks.
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