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  1. According to the Wal Facebook forum one of the necks isn’t real.?? Just saying.
  2. Beware it’s a scam . The 5 string on eBay is using somebody else’s picture
  3. I have one of these . Superb bass easy to play great sound . Moved the strap to stop neck dive.
  4. The volume on my reidmar has started fading in and out ,does anyone know someone local who could fix it ? Many thanks.
  5. Top seller , good communication, well packed . A pleasure to do business with. Thanks
  6. Tried the Jazz and precision last week both stunning for the money seriously tempted
  7. Supported Krokus back in the 80s .when we went on our back line had the plugs pulled by there roadies. Our road crew had to stand guard over them with some Hammond C3 legs we carried as clubs. Welcome to the business,
  8. 1985 Wal hanging on the wall ,does that count. Also two 75 precisions one of which I bought new. Cant get rid we've been thru too much together. Gigging a 62 reissue jazz at the moment so it don't matter if it gets dinged.
  9. Hi mate ,Consider it sold can i come and fetch it tonite please. I am in Nottingham. Cash on collection. You say you're going back to Warwicks. I have a mint Thumb BO 5 if you're interested. Thank Ric.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. I use a reidmar with two tc rs210 cabs , the range of tones is exceptional.
  12. Used an AD2oob through my hlf610 for rock music, awesome sound, but my 55 year old back made me see sense. the orange has gone and the ampeg is on this forum. Gonna miss em though!
  13. cheers everybody, makes so much sense now haha. thank you for the responses
  14. hi everyone, due to my inexperience at this forum stuff I was wondering if someone could tell me how to unlock a topic. I have sold an item and now want to write next to the title that is it sold, but i don't know how or cannot seem to edit it. any help would be greatly appreciated. Ric
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