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  1. I think Livingstone Brown sang and played bass on Robin Trower's 21st Century Blues album which was a terrific return to form for RT in the mid-1990s. LB's singing and bass playing were sublime. He has played on and produced one or two of RT's albums since. I think LB has a recording studio in Godalming, Surrey and works mainly as a producer. This is all from memory and I'm old so this may be wrong.
  2. Linus27 - just wanted to say: dig the song and love your bass lines - really melodic! Edit: silly me - you were in a real band, Inter, that did sessions for Peel and the full version of the song is on youtube (though I prefer being able to hear the bass lines in your cover version).
  3. My sense is - as has already been said - that pubs are closing or finding business is increasingly tough. So there are fewer places for bands to play and pubs aren't prepared to pay as much as before. But it may also be a question of demographics. I'm an old guy in a 70s classic rock covers band. On the one hand, younger people may not want to hear that stuff. On the other, the only people still going to pubs may be oldies like us who are partial to a bit of classic rock (and don't mind the volume we play at because they too are deaf). My only hope is that they don't predecease us.
  4. This may not help at all but in Sept 2016 I bought from a fellow BCer here a TE AH300 SM head plus a 210 3H cab and a 115 3 cab for £450 all in which he had owned from new and was approx 20 years old.
  5. Very helpful, gottastopbuyinggear (great moniker!).
  6. Brilliant! I play mainly Tbirds (70s classic rock covers band).
  7. That's great advice, basshead56. I hadn't thought of that. I have a TE stack and head (bought here off a BC member and very pleased I am with it) so the Ampeg was a backup but because of its portability I'd been using it more. The band generally put me through the PA but recently in smaller pubs hadn't bothered so I think you're right, it got overdriven. But I had thought just to get away with a direct replacement. But, for the additional cost, the 800 will give me a genuine gigging alternative and with luck will last far longer. So I will do that. Many thanks, basshead56.
  8. Bought this as part of a fliptop cab (210 HE) second hand and it worked well for over a year (weekly practice and about 15 gigs). Recently the warning light stayed on and no sound came out. Long story short: been round the houses with various repairers and basically it needs a new board which I'm told is too expensive to bother with. So, questions: 1. Do I get another 350 or upgrade to a 500? 2. If I upgrade, is the 500 the same size to attach to the fliptop using the same screw holes? 3. Is the 500 too powerful for the 210 cab (I presume not)? 4. Are there settings I should avoid (for instance, I read somewhere here that it's best to have the gain high and the master vol low on the 350 - or something like that, I think)? 5. Anything else I need to know? (For instance, for active basses, keep the 'peak pad' button pressed in, if I've got that right?) You'll gather I have no technical knowledge at all, which is probably how I must have blown the amp up in the first place. So any advice gratefully received. Cheers.
  9. I am such a dweeb. Of course you're right. It's Em. When I first tried to play guitar I hated barre chords so loved D/C/G but Ema never sounded right with G because, of course, the G in Ema is sharp. So I've always been amazed when the G to E progression works but that's cos in Em it's G natural. Thank you for illuminating that for me, Cat. It's a bit like discovering that whichever day is Christmas will be the same day that New Year falls on. Only twigged that in my 30s. Next month I'm 60. A blinding revelation every thirty years, then. Maybe I have time for one more.
  10. I know it's not fashionable to say so but I like playing along to Def Lepp's Hysteria. It's got that move from D to G then that sublime move down to E (a favourite with Neil Young even though G to E shouldn't really work) then the chorus is just D to C then D to B then another sublime move from E to C - which shouldn't work - then back to D. The middle eight involves A and D. Rick Savage has no pretensions as a bass player. He says he always uses a pick because his right hand is inconsistent at fingering. I use this as a right-hand warm-up alternating finger exercise. It just feels so simple and right. But then I'm a very basic bassist.
  11. I am 59, took up bass a couple of years ago. Play in a 70s classic rock / blues covers band, playing the stuff I grew up listening to. Always wanted to be a rock musician and know what being in a band was like. We play pubs and beer festivals. Now I do. Best thing I ever did. Almost 60 and finally I feel cool.
  12. Was up to 9 basses (including my Hofner Shorty which doesn't count cos it's just for practice around the house) and after much deliberation got rid of 3 (2 Tbirds and a Ltd 5 string) cos they weren't getting gigged and instruments need to be played. Now just have 2 identical Tbirds as main bass plus backup, a Tbird Goth for a regular Halloween gig the band does, an ESP Viper which I prefer to Gibson EB3s and a Ltd 4 string for when I need a break from Tbirds. Best of all, I donated the surplus basses to a nearby music charity that makes instruments available to students and young people. That's a weight off. Feel lighter and better.
  13. Mike and I met up for me to hand over my Gibson SG and Mike to part with the cash! Great chat, great guy. Hope the Gibson gives you as much pleasure as it did me. Glad it's gone to a good home. Cheers Chris
  14. Grew up with In Rock and Machine Head but my faves are: Woman From Tokyo, Might Just Take Your Life and Perfect Strangers which is the track Page and Plant would have killed for to have on Walking Into Clarksdale or whatever their album was called (and I speak as a Zep-head).
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