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  1. Buyers should look at the postage fees, if they don't they are dumb. This guy is a crook without a doubt, but he's up for crookin the big man not the little guy. eBay fees are extortionate surely we can agree on that and surely we can agree that a buyer should check the postage fees, and if we can agree on those two then is it not plausible that this crook doesn't mean us any harm. Ain't you guys ever heard of honour amongst thieves? We are in this together, eBay is the enemy. We shouldn't be telling tales, or quotin the rule book. Please! Please! Will somebody think about the children.
  2. Reported? The bay is a poisonous labyrinth of deceit of rear end fingering, if this guy is getting one over on the man, then good for him.
  3. [quote name='Count Bassie' timestamp='1319420204' post='1413943'] ...and that's not to imply it went back to me at all! Just sayin'.[/quote] Understood.
  4. You are wise beyond your years my friend, with such insight and turn of phrase I reckon you at 437. You are dead right.
  5. [quote name='EdwardHimself' timestamp='1319107709' post='1409925'] "Is anyone truly happy?" Of course not. It's the human condition to be perpetually unsatisfied with your current situation, it's what is supposed to drive you on to bigger and better things. Of course these days now that our lives are so comfortable and there really isn't much else to strive for in our lives, we end up becoming very depressed because we can't understand why we don't have this ficticious feeling of "happy" that everyone else around us seems to have. It's why countries that have suddenly become economically prosperous like china also have some of the fastest growing suicide rates in the entire world. [/quote] so simply put yet so depressing. My dog is chinese and lately my wife and I had a windfall so we bought him a new kennel and a watering bowl and a small 19" tv for his new abode. we changed his food type from budget sainsburys own brand food to some really top line chum. However I noticed that the more we bought him the more miserable he got, all he wanted to do was lie in his kennel watching re-runs of "the littlest hobo". Your post explains a lot because yesterday our washing line went missing and my wife told me she found it fashioned to the rafters of Rovers new den. At first I thought perhaps he was making some sort of hammiock or maybe a swing, but your post has shed new light on the situation. Thank you. I think I need to have a chat with my dog. Anyway this whole amp thing is a scam we all wanna sound like somebody else, even when we have the same gear as the next guy we still think his is better, we imagine he has some hidden pedal we dont know about or his amp is the -10 and we only have the -9, I stopped worrying about these things a long time ago and now Im happy because I stopped givin a [email="[email protected]"][email protected][/email]. The amount of money I wasted over the years on rigs and amps and effects boards that I end up selling for half what I paid for them to then go out and buy what is supposed to be the holy grail of sound only to be told by my so called mates that the last sound was more "crunchy" or "pumpy" or "had more oomph" so in the end I gave up. And only then was I truly happy. Im not sure if there is a lesson here or does it only serve to prove what a cantankerous old fart Ive become.
  6. interparcel.com, you should be able to ship this for £10-15.
  7. [quote name='Ou7shined' timestamp='1319191775' post='1410973'] You'll shìt twinkies if ever you see a real luthier operation then. As for the quality of his work? Well, the pictures speak volumes my friend. Have a look at this guy -> www.bravewoodguitars.co.uk/PandJbasspage.html Still think that Shìtters is doing a good job? [/quote] sh*tt*rs this is brilliant I dont know what side Im on anymore.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  9. [quote name='Walker' timestamp='1319185442' post='1410845'] Shippers is a well respected and supportive veteran of the Swansea music scene. He has aged a couple of parts for my Jazz Road Worn and I was delighted with his work. While I was there he showed me some of the relics he was working on and to my eye they were very good. From our brief meeting he enjoys his work enormously and takes great pride in doing the best he can. His customers love what he does. [/quote] go on you beauty.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  11. [quote name='Dave Vader' timestamp='1319121196' post='1410211'] I don't think it needs a case, wouldn't be that precious about it, just want to stare at it in the small hours of the morning... [/quote] I'm so glad you added the smiley face otherwise id've been scared. Real scared.
  12. [quote name='Dave Vader' timestamp='1319118521' post='1410146'] I quite like that actually [/quote] I respect your honesty, HOWEVER, before purchasing you may want to consider what a bitch it would be finding a case for this one.
  13. actually why am I defending this guy he could have 10 altar boys in his basement for all I know. I take it all back , "lets Lynch him boys". although the bible does say "Let he who has not relicd cast the sander". Or something like that.
  14. this is actually a guitar shaped candle that has been left next to the radiator. What the hell Im gonna have a bid.
  15. [quote name='Papalampraina' timestamp='1319115145' post='1410075'] The actual ebay ad says "Squier", so the seller is not trying to deceive anyone. I suppose this conversation is about the future buyer and his possible intentions to re-sell it as something else. Apart from that, the ad also states "This is a top relic project not a dodgy electric sander hatchet job". It should have been the other way round, but this is totally subjective. [/quote] agreed
  16. [quote name='Alfie' timestamp='1319059990' post='1409567'] He, like many other relicers, may not be deliberately out to deceive with their work, but that doesn't stop someone selling the basses on as something they are not, that is why I dislike them. Relicers create objects that can be used by others to defraud. If he had offered this bass as a reliced Squier or with no headstock branding then I wouldn't have a problem. What really annoys me is not that a buyer might think it was a vintage bass, but that someone might be duped into thinking it was a Fender Custom Shop creation due to the decal on the back of the headstock. [/quote] if a guy walked up to me with a relicd squier and tried to pass it off as the real thing (vintage fender)I would take the geetar from him and give him a few EL-KABONGS, however if some hapless twit walked up to me and offered me the same guitar explaining it was a relicd squier i would have a look and tell him its not for me or maybe if it was a nice job and the price was right I might buy it for my boy. Teenagers love this stuff. Now to suggest that relics are evil because of their potential to defraud is like saying that the ground is evil because if you hit it hard enough it will kill ya or guns are evil because if ya shoot somebody it will at the least, hurt like a bitch. Guitars(relicd ones) are not a bad thing its the people who try to defraud some body with them that are bad, and I dont think this guy, is one of those guys, nor do I think he should be burned at the cross because of the potential for evil in the world. Alfie I follow all your posts, I think you are a very interesting guy with a lot to contribute but I dont think Im wrong here buddy. This is just some dude havin a go at makin a few quid relicin guitars and if somebody wants to buy them then good luck to em.
  17. [quote name='umcoo' timestamp='1319107880' post='1409931'] Now the real question is... if you had a spare 2.5k lying around, would you get this, or get a Matamp GT200 and spend the rest on other fun items? [/quote] mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Id buy this.
  18. [quote name='Ou7shined' timestamp='1319023983' post='1408953']The guy doing this has zero skill or aptitude for this kind of work and is just buying up tatty basses battering them up worse in a rough aproximation of what the pros do, to make a fast buck out of people who don't know any better. That just my 2p.[/quote] Strong words mate. I suppose you are entitled to your opinion, and yes this guy is not very good at relicing but to suggest he is deliberately involved in deception or is in any way nefarious is slander. Where's the love buddy this guy might be sitting at home reading these posts crying on his sander.
  19. If I owned that, my life would be complete. I would be the daddy. Swagger like Jagger. Ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, ooh ooh, oohweeooh.
  20. the boy


    I sold Mark a bridge at the weekend, he's is a top quality guy. I'm so glad he liked his purchase and his comms were polite and professional. Deal with confidence as this is an honest guy.
  21. Yes these are a complete different story.
  22. Hi Neepheid my comment wasn't directed at you specifically I simply think that some posters on BC seem to think that they have the definitive opinion on all things bass. We don't know this guys circumstances and threads like this don't help him sell his bass. I think fraud and underhandedness should be outed but some bloke trying his hand at relicing in an honest way should be left to it. This guy has had a few other relics in the past and they've been not bad. Anyway thats my 2 pennies worth.
  23. The body is quite nice however the neck does look a tad overdone. However the guy is trying to produce something individual and unique and having read his comment in the previous post I must say I support him. It's his bass he can do whatever he likes with it, and if someone likes it and wants to buy it then that too is their business. There isn't any mis-description or fraud going on here. The only injustice I can see is the slating that this guy is getting on BC. There is a Market for relicd basses and I wish the guy good luck. That said I wouldn't buy it, but someone will and all the best to them.
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