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guybrush threepwood

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  1. Lakland Skyline Duck Dunn (aka 44-64)

    I have one, and although it's not light (about 10lbs), it sounds absolutely brilliant, and plays beautifully. It's worth a wide strap. However, mine is one of the old ones with the Fralin pickup; I don't know how the newer ones compare.
  2. Markbass Jeff berlin

    I had one, and found it pretty great. Very loud and present, and you can get loads of different tones from them. The lack of tweeter doesn't mean it's lacking in high end either - perhaps not hifi Marcus sounding, but really musical.
  3. ampeg pf-500

    Likewise, I've had a couple of PF350s and they were great; never had an issue. I got the second as a backup after reading the horror stories of the PF500, but all was good. I had one mounted in one of the fliptop cabs, and one loose; both were regularly gigged without any problems whatsoever. IMO, the 350 has a much better voiced mid control too.
  4. Sold Fender 62 reissue P BASS CIJ Oly /white

    I've dealt with Rich in the past and he was a thoroughly nice, trustworthy chap. I'm sure his feedback thread says so also - there's bound to be a simple explanation for the pics (probably a recent purchase which he's changed his mind on).
  5. Ernie Ball cobalt flats

    Sounds good. I think I'll have to try a set when I next need some new strings!
  6. Should I refinish my '68 jazz??

    I think a white pickguard will set it off - no refinishing needed!
  7. Ernie Ball cobalt flats

    Sounds good. So can they do dark thump with the tone knob down?
  8. Ernie Ball cobalt flats

    I'd say that's a pretty good lifespan for rounds. This is good to hear, so are they brighter than steels?
  9. Ernie Ball cobalt flats

    I'm interested in hearing some opinions on these strings, from those who have been using them. I seem to go back and forth from flats (currently GHS) to rounds (Sunbeams); when I use the former I miss the top end, but when I use rounds I miss the strong fundamental. These really look like the best of both worlds, and demos I've heard on YouTube have been impressive. But, do they last as long as normal flats? And what's the feel and tension like?
  10. Yamaha BB424X sunburst - SOLD

    Lovely Yamaha BB for sale. Great sounding and playing bass, in excellent condition. I've been wondering whether or not to sell this as it's really fab, but it simply isn't being played. Good setup with low action, and currently fitted with GHS flats. I don't have a hardcase, so I'd rather not post, but I'm happy for the buyer to collect (from Nottingham) or meet halfway, etc. I have a decent gigbag which I will throw in. Looking for £225 ONO. Not interested in any trades at the moment.
  11. Ashdown MAG cabs - SOLD

    I have two Ashdown MAG cabs for sale; a 2x10 (with tweeter) and 1x15. These are cheap cabs, but sound pretty good. Both are rated at 250W and are in good functional condition, but corners are scuffed, etc. MAG 210T Deep II - 250W, 29KG MAG 115 Deep - 250W, 27KG Of course I'm open to offers (no trades please), but I'm looking for £75 per cab, or I'll do both for £130. Collection from Nottingham - I don't have packing to ship, but could deliver (within reasonable distance) for petrol money.
  12. Sire v7 Marcus Miller 5 string Jazz SOLD

    No longer on hold, back up for sale
  13. Sire v7 Marcus Miller 5 string Jazz SOLD

    Bank holiday bump!
  14. Sire v7 Marcus Miller 5 string Jazz SOLD

    Sorry, not really after any trades!
  15. Sire v7 Marcus Miller 5 string Jazz SOLD

    Sire v7 5 string, in a gorgeous sunburst. This is the ash and maple version, and really is a lovely looking bass. I'm sure you'll know what a good reputation these have; it really is the best Jazz I've ever had, and one of the cheapest! Absolutely brilliant 18v preamp (and I'm not usually a fan of actives), which can be combined with the passive tone. A note on this - I've replaced the tone cap with a standard .047uF rather than the .022uF which came as stock. This gives the tone knob a lot more range. Although this isn't the lightest bass I've had, it doesn't come close to my old 70's Fender P (which was a plain silly 14lbs). This is just over 10.5lbs according to my bathroom scales. However, I will include a Neotech Comfort Strap with the sale (these are £38 delivered at Bass Direct). The strap really makes it seem half the weight as it distributes it so well on the shoulder. The bass is in fantastic condition, and comes with a gigbag. So why am I selling? As much as I'd like to keep this, my band has folded and I really don't have any need of a 5 string - I'm mainly playing guitar at home these days, so have my Yamaha for the odd bass jam. Plus I could do with the money! Speaking of which, I'm looking for[b] £360 ono[/b] collected from Nottingham. I may well be able to meet up half way, and I also travel a lot with work, so please PM me. However at the moment I have no box for a courier - if I manage to acquire one, I will update the listing. [attachment=218092:bass4.png] [attachment=218091:bass3.png] [attachment=218089:bass1.png] [attachment=218090:bass2.png]