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  1. Bump - Any interest in this? Happy to negotiate the price somewhat.
  2. Any interest in this? How about £45 shipped, £40 collected?
  3. I am in Camberwell, South-East London
  4. I have the Hartke Bass Attack VXL pedal for sale. In perfect condition with the original box and manual. Looking for £50 shipped or £45 collected in London.
  5. Great budget bass, but I am moving overseas and need to sell a few things, so this has to go. Overall in perfect working condition, but has some light corrosion/oxidation on the hardware (see pictures) - it is purely cosmetic, however. Comes in an Epiphone hard case. I'd be looking for around £180 for it, preferably collected in London.
  6. Only now found how to leave feedback, but I bought a case from Mick a few weekends ago and it couldn't have been smoother. Great bloke to deal with.
  7. That should work - It weel need to fit a Fender Strat or a Tele. PMd you about logistics.
  8. I could be interested - do you have the exact model number? I am based in London.
  9. Nobody wants a neat practice combo? How about £65?
  10. I have a Line 6 LD15 practice amp for sale. Great little amp. I just hardly ever use it since I mainly play bass when recording direct or through headphones, so it just takes up space. Great condition. Comes with the manual, but no box. [b]£75[/b] picked up in London. I would also be interested in a trade for a DI pedal of some sort.
  11. Some leads and offers, but I am still looking - preferably for a Classic Vibe Jazz, a rosewood-fretboard MIM Jazz, or an Ibanez BTB of sorts.
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