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  1. The original bass player Chris Layhe was a year or two above me in school. Nice guy as I recall.
  2. I went to his gig in Liverpool last night. It was fantastic.
  3. Went last year to watch and it was a great nostalgia fest'. . If Wilko is supporting in Manchester then I'd be inclined to get a ticket.
  4. Thanks. I see it's repeated at about half one in the morning. I'll record it.
  5. As our gigs so far have tended to be local, we've taken our own posters down a week beforehand. Also we generally play on a designated rock night so the punters generally know what to expect.
  6. After updating on this thread this morning I've done Get Lucky, Even Flow and Reelin' In The Years. A great way to spend a couple of hours
  7. Thanks for that [b]Dingus[/b]. Nice avatar BTW. Always appreciative of a pic of Vicki Coren. Not sure about June Ackland tho'
  8. John Wetton and Dick Nolan (It Bites first time around) both use/d Zons. Good enough for me. Can't afford one though . Whatever happened to Dick Nolan?
  9. I hate mayonnaise on my sandwich. Why can't I have butter
  10. Have to agree about Liverpool being a bit crap for buying basses. Dawsons do have quite a few but they're mostly precision/jazz basses of the Fender/Squier/Ibanez/A N other make. Very few interesting ones though there may have been a Gibson in there the other month and I did buy my BH250 from them. Curly music have even less choice and the staff are even less helpful than Dawsons. Good bars/venues [b]Musicman20[/b] - what do you want? There's endless chavvy disco and karaoke shoite around concert square and Matthew street and The Academy may have someone decent on. Try the Caledonia on Catherine Street or The Grapes on Roscoe Street (not the one in Matthew Street) for a bit of jazz, real ale and something a bit unusual (The grapes this Thursday has Swingology for Gypsy Jazz stuff). For a Friday take the Wirral line train to Hamilton Square and get a taxi to take you to The Swinging Arm for a bit of rock music. Sorry thread drifting away from bases to beer. Feel free to pm me for a bigger list of alehouses
  11. Long Shot - Annie Haslam Longer Shot - Stevie Lange http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI3BJcwg6UI
  12. [quote name='FinnDave' timestamp='1393590183' post='2382272'] Turns out she fronted a touring and recording band in the 70s, still records now and then[/quote] Well it must be Kate Bush then .
  13. Soundcloud and website for the covers band. Think it only cost a few quid to register the domain name and our guitarist updates it. http://www.survivors-of-mild-peril.net/
  14. [quote name='spinynorman' timestamp='1393178084' post='2377025'] And it's the easiest bassline, but they react like you're some kind of god. [/quote]. Yeah, cool innit. If only my OH wasn't watching and my daughter wasn't singing with us I'd be nailed on to pull an old slapper.
  15. [quote name='Paul S' timestamp='1393083887' post='2376035'] Always wanted to play 'The Chain' Fleetwood Mac. [/quote] We've started doing this one too. Many people only know the second half (the F1 theme) and look a bit confused during the first half. Then the penny drops
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