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  1. I just got a 715x secondhand and it is awesome. Loud and tight for a 15. Word of caution, I can see this sound not suiting some, I like Doug Wimbish/John Taylor sounds and this is perfect for those but I can imagine it being a bit in your face for some.
  2. Could I run an Aguilar SL112 as an extension cab from a MarkBass Minicmd 151p, and would they be a good match? Cheers andy
  3. Hondo Deluxe Series 830 Aria RSB Deluxe II Charvel 575 Delixe Ibanez SR800 Fretless Jaydee Mark King Washburn Status Warwick Rockbass Corvette 5 string Fender Jazz MIM Ibanez Doug Wimbish Signature Ibanez SR505 Fender American Standard Precision Musicman Stingray 4 Squier VMJ Fretless
  4. Defo


    Just got my MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe. Putting a big smile on my face, streets ahead of the Boss and EBS overdrives I've been using. Having lots of fun getting different sounds but best thing is how natural and (strangely) smooth it sounds. My first MXR pedal, will be checking out some others
  5. Many thanks folks, will email Sound Technology
  6. Its not the valve or the adapter, Just not working, where can I get it fixed? P.s in trying to sort things out I broke the adapter so need one of those too.... Desperate to get this fixed as its the best pedal I've ever owned. Any help much appreciated.
  7. [quote name='Mr. Foxen' timestamp='1339891411' post='1696067'] Have you tried running each cab alone? Do you prefer the tone of either better than the other or the combination of the two? Also, doe sit sound consistent as you move around the room? Those are pretty far different cabs and attendant phase issues would be expected, which show up as you change relative position to them. [/quote] The SL112 sounds lovely on its own but I tried pairing it with some other cabs and the sound with the ABM really got me, it's punchy but throaty and sounds great with my Precision. I have to be careful with my Stingray and Wimbish as they push hard but the Tonehammer has great mids control and it's easy to dial out any pressure. I haven't noticed any phase issues but haven't used this in a big room yet. I may go for a DB210 in the future but I guess as I'm happy now there's no pressing need. Thanks for the input, much appreciated.
  8. I'm running a Tonehammer 500 head into an Aguilar SL112 (250w at 8 ohms) and an Ashdown ABM210H (350W at 8 ohms) wired in parallel - is this ok? Sounds great but felt I should ask... Thanks
  9. I like Muzz Skilling's solo in Broken Hearts from Vivid
  10. I will definitely be buying Aguilar's bag for my TH500 - http://www.bassgear.co.uk/products-page/bass-amps-cabs/aguilar-tone-hammer-500-carry-case/
  11. Was set on a DB115 but walked out with the SL112 which sounded just beautiful by comparison. I'm still trying to get over how a set up so light can be so loud and deep. Sounds very smooth with my precision. Will take some time to work out the best preamp settings, anyone got any tips? Big problem now is I'm going have to get a 2nd SL112.....
  12. If you are happy with what you have then its crazy to spend money you don't need to.
  13. Thanks folks - my Ashdown is an ABM 210H not the MAG (sorry, was early) - so 350W at 8ohm. Have just ordered the TH500 awith a DB115 cabinet to replace the Hartke, so run the DB115 (400W at 8ohm) and option to add 210H in parallel - picking up tomorrow. Will be judicious with the volume.
  14. Can't decide. Have MAG 210T and Hartke 1x15, both 8 ohms, would like to have option of using just the 210t which the 500 would run at 275. Thoughts?
  15. Hi folks, I'm an experienced bass player from Halifax, currently with an occasional playing/recording gig in Newcastle but looking for something more local. I'm not a career bass player but have been in bands for 20 years or so. Good gear and transport. Likes - U2, Killing Joke, Kino, Duran Duran, Porcupine Tree, Living Colour. I'm on 07855819505. You can check out some of my playing on [url="http://www.myspace.com/greyhoundband/music"]http://www.myspace.com/greyhoundband/music[/url]. Andy
  16. [quote name='Algae' post='1144220' date='Feb 28 2011, 10:20 AM']Ibanez Soundgear 5 strings have a lovely slim neck very easy to play. Make sure you get one of the "made in Japan" ones as they are much better quality than the Korean / Indonesian ones. You could get a good second hand bargain on Ebay for around £200-£300 (cost new £500-600)[/quote] SR505 is fantastic value, I love mine and saw that it one 5 string of the year in a US bass mag recently
  17. Defo


    Just turned 40, my family got me a beautiful Stingray 3EQ. Just getting used to the power of the pickup which has necessitated some twiddling with my Multicomp. Have to resist the temptation to slap all the time now!
  18. [quote name='spinynorman' post='1112762' date='Feb 2 2011, 06:23 PM']I had one of these, I think it's a great amp and actually I'm wondering if I was sensible to sell it. I used it with an Ashdown MAG 210T and an Ashdown MAG 115T. This worked really well and you can often pick these up pretty cheap on eBay or here. They're also light, which is something to think about if you don't have roadies. In terms of volume, I used both cabs on larger gigs, which gives you a 4ohm load, and never got the master volume beyond 10 o'clock. No problem being heard over a Marshall powered guitarist and drummer with a big kit. On smaller gigs and rehearsals I used whichever cab I felt like and never had problem with volume. I had the HA3500 with solid state and tube gain both set at about 12 o'clock. The main thing that put me off a 4x10 is having all that weight to lift in 1 cab. Also if you went for a Mag 4x10, it's rated 8ohms, so I guess you'd only be getting 250W out of it.[/quote] +1 on the 210T, works the 3500 very open but tight. I run a VX115 underneath as I like a bit of warmth and found the aluminium cones too bright
  19. P Bass v sensitive to the sort of strings you put on it by comparison to the others
  20. I've just picked up a ABM210T which I run from a HA3500 with a VX115 underneath - sounds perfect for U2/Police type rock and versatile enough to respond to the graphic if someone asks me to slap or turn an overdrive pedal on. Bargain at £250 new
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