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  1. [quote name='arthurhenry' timestamp='1504271733' post='3363832'] Pete Gill [/quote] That's him. 😊
  2. I missed meeting Lemmy by seconds when he was round at my mates with her dad. Turns out her dad was the drummer in saxon I think, who was taking over drumming duties in motorhead, Pete something. She was telling me about a strange bloke her dad fetched round who was a acting a bit spaced out. I wasn't very interested but then she mentioned a cowboy hat and warts. I asked what his name was and she said "lenny or summat like that". At that time he was my bass hero, we ran up the road to see him but he had just gone, never to show his face in sheffield again..😣
  3. [quote name='Beer of the Bass' timestamp='1496389421' post='3310933'] I use the pinky a lot, but I tend to use double bass style fingering lower down the neck, where the hand spans three frets and the pinky is supported by the ring finger behind it. [/quote] I do this a lot.
  4. Absolutely terrible, it was cringe worthy.
  5. [quote name='markstuk' timestamp='1496484395' post='3311791'] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uc7PF4nTK54 [/quote] I think swearily eccentric might be a nice way of describing him.
  6. I saw the ad for the comp but I have nice basses and thought it was a bit cheeky entering to win one that I would just most probably flip
  7. There is history of this on basschat, there is a thread knocking about with similar things happening with pop ups on here. I never click any links on here because it seems to be an unresolved issue.
  8. Alembic style.....IF I were Alembic I would be suing for slander.
  9. Kick him into touch, there is a load of choice so it's good to put one builder into the smug git column and narrow the field down a bit. Alpher bass will be my stop if I ever get another custom job, he's producing some very tasty gear.
  10. The title of this thread will be the title of my autobiography.
  11. He invisible marks it too so no one could send him a broke one back and pretend it's his. Cunning, very cunning.
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