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  1. I love my Z3 .. just feels right ..
  2. [quote name='Grangur' timestamp='1497591909' post='3319255'] A quick look at Maplins site and I found "Antex Lead-Free Solder 2m". That looks ok. Steer clear of anything over 2mm gauge is the main thing. Maplin do their own brand rolls too. They're probably good too. [/quote] I still use lead based solder, it flows better and works at a wider soldering temperature range.. If I was soldering all day I'd buy a proper work/rework station and use lead free
  3. [quote name='Woodinblack' timestamp='1497606036' post='3319413'] Although Sheldon moaned at me on here for saying that I got rid of the combustion as I found the sound too polite [/quote] He must have been having a bad day
  4. [quote name='mcnach' timestamp='1497603228' post='3319368'] The thing is you don't need to criticise their instruments. Suggest replacing anything in them... say, a pickup... and observe the sycophantic mob descending on you with nasty comments. That sort of thing. And then the big guy joins himself too often. It's just ugly. Yeah, there are nice and helpful people there... but I find the atmosphere ugly, which is why I stopped going there and I only go back if I have a specific question that the helpful ones can talk about while the sycophantic fanbois pass me over looking for another target to crap on... God I hate that place... shivers. I love the bass (my Stingray is the one bass I'd keep if I could only have one), I love their consistent production... I hate the personality. [/quote] You need to come over to the Dingwall forum - it's a lovely, warm, supportive canadian sort of place
  5. [quote name='Conan' timestamp='1497600092' post='3319312'] I was in exactly the same position about eight years ago! Having spent most of the eighties and nineties using a huge Trace Elliott stack I found myself with only a practice amp and needing bigger gear to get gigging again. It seemed like an absolute minefield as things had certainly changed from the days when Carlsbro and H/H were everywhere, and the "serious" guys used Fender, Ampeg or Trace... To be honest, there has never been a better time to be a bass player. The amount of inexpensive (I won't use the word "cheap" as that implies low quality) gear is astounding, and you can kit yourself out, from scratch, with quality equipment for way less than a grand - in fact, for less that £500 if you are prepared to research and shop around. And that's buying new! Look at used gear and the possibilities are endless Using Basschat is a really good starting point, however do be aware of a couple of things: 1. Those with loudest and strongest opinions are not necessarily the most knowledgeable. 2. Most people will recommend what they themselves use. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but needs to be taken into account. 3. What sounds good in a shop, bedroom, house or practice room may not work so well in a gig situation. 4. There is no short-cut. Try as much gear as you can until you are satisfied* *Note, this almost never works, as you will never be satisfied as there will always be something else that you always wanted to try... The Basschat marketplace is a very good place to start. If you buy used gear, and find that it is not right for you, you can usually sell it on again without taking much (if any) of a financial hit. [/quote] +1...
  6. [quote name='4000' timestamp='1497528466' post='3318874'] Well let's see. Same woods, same construction, same pickups, same hardware, same pots, caps etc as before and simply converted to stereo like a standard 4001 (which is both mono & stereo, the 4001S being mono only). Basically it was gradually shaved a bit thinner - unintentionally I might add - and was refinished in a non-Ric colour. If either of those means that it could hardly be classed as Ric then there are a million guitars out there that are no longer Strats, Teles, Precisions, Jazzes, etc etc. I better let my mate know that the Strat he shaved the neck on and repainted a la Eddie Van Halen is no longer a Strat. He'll be mortified. [/quote] Sure, although Chris does say both the body and neck were shaved such that there was a significant weight reduction. Let's also not forget the 4kOhm bridge pickup which he states is very low output and trebley compared with the stock pickup. Probably an early example of a Rickenbacker QA fail.. If you like Ricks, that's fine.. However let's not pretend that even when the factory tries to make a standard product, the results are consistent.. Maybe it's character, but if other manufacturers can do it right consistently then I don't understand why Rickenbacker can't.. Apparently they ship the basses from the factory without them being set up (how the hell do you test a bass without doing this?) because "there is not enough time" ... I get that you like them.
  7. [quote name='pete.young' timestamp='1497557832' post='3319154'] By the way, thanks to the OP for the heads up. If you hadn't mentioned it, I would never have known about it, so thank you for posting. I've just upgraded the firmware on my one, everything went smoothly with no issues. [/quote] +1
  8. http://www.eaglemusicshop.com/prod/guitar-hard-cases/Hiscox-STD-EBP.htm Brilliant cases...
  9. http://www.gear4music.com/Guitar-and-Bass/Stagg-Bass-Guitar-Hard-Case-Polyurethane/1VDF Still expensive..
  10. [quote name='4000' timestamp='1497458942' post='3318370'] The neck and body had been shaved down somewhat due to removing various different re-finishes - you know, that 60s thing - and it was originally mono then rewired to stereo so he could use a different effect on each pickup, but otherwise it was bog-standard. [/quote] So apart from the neck, body, finish and some of the electronics it was identical to a standard rick ?
  11. [quote name='drTStingray' timestamp='1497398168' post='3317891'] Yeah - playing in jam sessions run by guitarists where two guitar amps are provided both of which are two to three times the wattage of the bass amp provided (sometimes a 30 watt Warwick combo). Net result is needing to play on full volume and not to be able to hear yourself, with the bass distorting. Those particular amps the OP mentions, from my experience, seem to stifle all the top end in a Stingray also. I recall articles being published which indicated you need exactly the opposite - two or three times the output of the guitar amps. As others have said, it's all about headroom. I seem to recall Alex (Barefaced) writing something about this subject in BGM when he had a monthly slot - or was I dreaming this!! [/quote] Some reading https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equal-loudness_contour Basically our hearing is less sensitive at low frequencies..
  12. Switched one of my vocalists (very quiet) to an MP75 from a SM58. Completely fixed the problems with feedback he was having..
  13. [quote name='Al Krow' timestamp='1497428974' post='3317987'] Some really interesting and varied points of view coming through - cheers! Opinion seems to be a lot more divided than about Sandbergs, which has been my go-to 4 string for the past three years and which seem to get a lot more love on this forum. Clearly the CEO has got the back up of many folk but whether that is 'cos he is simply just doing his job or being an idiot, is I guess the point of debate. Picking up on a couple of responses from this thread... That's a very BIG statement in favour of Rics - please elaborate! They do seem to keep their value better than some other excellent basses (including the Warwick that I managed recently to get for a really good price second hand). Just been looking at the 4003s FS on another site and they've pretty much all been sold (or at least had asking prices - I appreciate that isn't the same thing!) at around the £1,250 mark and that isn't a massive discount on some of the new deals going? One of the guys who has put his Rick up for sale, and has just acquired a Warwick $$ (which gives him pretty similar tastes to me), gives his reason as ".[i]..it's not getting used as I just don't get on with the neck[/i]." That was my immediate reaction, too, when I picked it up - it did feel like a slightly chunkier neck than either my Sandberg or Warwick. Kinda hoping that my reasonably large hand reach will mean that I could get used to this, but wondering whether this has been an off-putting factor for others, too? Please do keep your thoughts / views coming - they're always interesting and informative to hear! [/quote] Pricewise they're well over £2k new, so £1100-£1250 s/h is a big price hit if buying new... There appears to be one for less than £2k at Music Junkie, but it's not in stock so may be a come on. I had a 4001 for about a year back in the day - really did not get on with it but did try and persevere. Hated the neck and the electronics were as noisy as a cheap chinese bass, . Buying one is a lottery, build and finish quality can be at sub Gibson USA levels from what I've read... If you like the look, then there is no alternative to one except a "faker".. In terms of the sound I'm not sure it's that special - Chris Squires so heavily modified it probably does not count as a rick - and Geddy Lee appears to have used a JAzz interchangeably with his rick.. Just my opinion, YMMV..
  14. [quote name='PaulGibsonBass' timestamp='1497262455' post='3316824'] I'm not suggesting we play Sex On Fire or Wonderwall, but I am suggesting we play songs that people know and like. Yes I am a member of the band and yes I do feel like a hired hand at times. As you say, my walking away is probably inevitable. [/quote] Paul, If its the band I'm thinking of, yes your setlist is a bit obscure - certainly from that experience of seeing you in Warwick...
  15. Studiospares sm58 clone is pretty good for the money.. Edit - just checked they don't appear to do them anymore - they have a Samson equivalent..
  16. Great price for a lovely looking ray..
  17. I'm between Warwick and Banbury if anyone fancies trying a thunderfunk .
  18. [quote name='bassbiscuits' timestamp='1496935401' post='3314834'] These budget versions do exist apparently - googled them, and they go for about £600 new... [/quote] More like $300 plus shipping/VAT from china :-) See the chinese link above..
  19. All the time... But I think coming from a piano playing background makes it natural..
  20. [quote name='Happy Jack' timestamp='1496932174' post='3314803'] In truth, the logical home for the "South East Bassbash" would be Central London. Just saying ... [/quote] Oh that would be lovely what with all the easy parking and no traffic
  21. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/132219436831
  22. I'm still working out how best to use mine - I have a reasonably full board and generally the dedicated effects have a slight edge over the MS60B versions. However in a live situation I don't think anyone would notice, At the moment I'm using the bass synths and delays on it more than anything else..
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