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Pro Player Ian KIng - Does He Ever Visit This Site?


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On 26/01/2018 at 11:22, Kingbassist said:

Hi there,

Thought you may be interested to hear about my latest job at 'Hamilton: An American Musical' which is playing at The Victoria Palace theatre, London. It's a hip hop musical and I get to play 4 instruments on it! My main bass is my trusty Overwater 5-String Jazz bass; I also play a 4-string Lakland Hollowbody bass strung with flatwounds and played with a pic; I play my double bass with it's newly fitted 'Low C Extension' (for the super low notes needed for this style of music) and also an Artruria Keylab 25 controller keyboard for the synth bass stuff. It's a demanding show but I'm really enjoying it, and the songs written by Linn Manuel Miranda!

I'll upload a picture of my pit set-up.. It's a lot of fun!

Cheers, Ian

Hamilton London - Pit set up.jpg

Only heard great things about Hamilton. I tried to get tickets before Christmas but it seems to be impossible!

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14 hours ago, OliverBlackman said:

... I tried to get tickets before Christmas but it seems to be impossible!

New dates added ...


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Great thread Ian.

If you don't mind me asking, how did you get into theatre work? My daughter plays the flute in an amateur hospital orchestra. Don't let the word amateur bother you, they are very accomplished musicians, all grade 7 & 8 and very experienced (their day jobs are Doctors, nurses, medical students and the like). But my daughter has always wanted to play in the orchestra pit for musicals (even local amateur societies).

My advice to her is to build up a CV of orchestra playing, and then write to the local theatre groups for them to put her in touch with the musicians. But I don't know if that is the right approach at all, just my guess.

To be frank, I have a vested interest in that it would halve my bill having to pay for tickets for her and her mother to go and watch them. Musicals are not really my cup of tea (I love music and like a good play, but not together!), but those two love them, and it's a pricey business! If No. 1 daughter was playing and got to watch for free, I would be quids in. Well, half quids in at any rate.

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