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  1. Had them on two basses for a while now - Excellent with no issues
  2. Hi all, i'm in the North East and £200-£240 is the going rate for us too. Being a three-piece blues covers band that works out well so no complaints unless the gig is more than a 45 min drive. At that point the fuel costs start to make it less attractive. Someone posted that the fee level (and thus the venue 'quality ') would affect what gear they used. Well, i take what i own and don't have the luxury of being selective. Just have to keep an eye on everyone's gear. Steve
  3. Can't assist much but I remember Marlins appearing when I was starting out in 1984-1985 so yours will be around that vintage. Almost bought one but ended up with a sunburst Squier P.
  4. This exactly: [quote name='Graham' timestamp='1476125812' post='3151589'] I've got Wal GAS so bad, it has eclipsed all other GAS. Unfortunately, I am simply not going to be in a position to buy one for the next few years. [/quote]
  5. Yep, awesome bass tone and it works so well for these tunes. Saw SM live recently and the bass did sound like that out front.😊
  6. Ok, watching those vids i now understand what all the fuss has been about. Unbelievable playing including in an ensemble setting.
  7. This... [quote name='ead' timestamp='1453710601' post='2961919'] Some days I could easily do so, depends a lot on the level of debate for me. If I get a bit 'disappointed' for want of a better word with the posts then I stay away for a bit and wander back in my own time. [/quote]
  8. StevieC


    [quote name='timmo' timestamp='1447373490' post='2907260'] He has had better backing singers in the past [/quote] Watching it on the BBC red button now - i would agree about the BVs but on the whole decent show and sound mix. The new songs are very good too.
  9. [quote name='Muzz' timestamp='1432826378' post='2785353'] As I say, more venue related - the issues were the shape of the place, reflections, the PA placing, etc - I have a good friend who went to Sunderland on Monday and said the sound there was much better. [/quote] I agree - the Foos at Sunderland ranks in my top five gigs (and I've seen a few in my time). The vocals were low in the mix for a couple of songs but otherwise an excellent mix at the right volume.
  10. [quote name='spectoremg' timestamp='1419313166' post='2638605'] And the Tall Ships album was rubbish - It Bites lite! [/quote] Can't agree with that! If you mean The Tall Ships was more pop than rock then I would agree to an extent but old It Bites stuff is sprinkled with pop such as 'hunting the Whale' from Eat me in St. Louis'. TTS contains great songwriting, playing and production and John Mitchell's guitar playing is awesome. Stevie
  11. [quote name='Japhet' timestamp='1402233369' post='2471181'] Walk on the Wild Side - Lou Reed Some Haircut 100 stuff (can't remember song names but they were fun) [/quote] You're probably thinking of Take That Situation' as one of the Haircut 100 tunes (Played by Pino I think, who also played on Heyward's 'Blue Hat for a Blue Day' and 'Whistle Down The Wind') Stevie
  12. Probably my favourite rock guitarist right there (with Paul Gilbert and John Mitchell following closely). I have the DVD of this gig and love it. There's also some superb playing on another live concert of Toto's; their 35th anniversary concert in Poland. They've picked some excellent bass players in Lee Sklar and Nathan East to stand in for Mike in the last few years - It's a measure of the esteem the guys are held in that Sklar and East are willing to play for them. Lastly, Simon Phillips is a fantastic and very tasteful drummer - excellent choice for the band, although I was told the other day that he's now left! Steve
  13. Hi Urrfaust, Hopefully this is not too late but here's something about the rear body contouring which doesn't look quite right. Looking at other rear images of the Japanese-built Marcus Miller 4s, the contouring on them is in a slightly different position. It might just be my imagination but have a look for yourself. Stevie
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