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Hughes and Kettner Quantum 600


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Somewhat sillyly or not i just rang up mike at hte mass merchant and ordered a lovely new Hughes and Kettner Quantum 600 head at a very reasonable £425.
I'm very excited- its just slightly better than my 70's/80's Laney Pro-Bass!
any one else had experience with one of these?

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shows how excited i was, its the bass merchant in witham essex. He was selling it on the bay and i was at work so couldnt bid. It didnt make it's reserve so i emailed to find out the craic. Turns out he had been having a clear out of a few items and stuck them on the bay of which the (my!) amp was one.
Great guy, type him into google and his website comes up.
i was deliberating getting it then i saw someone selling a second hand little mark 2 on here for 450 and realised what a great price it was. comes on wed

but my cab is broke pending a switch coming over from the states.... poo.

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:) it arrived

first impressions (Fender CIJ '57 RI into a techsoundsytems classic 2x12 with the tweeter off cos the switch is bust)
it looks pretty, lights up when you turn it on.
nice clean sound
but warm
'tube growl' knob makes it sound more valvey, kinda a thicker slightly compressed retro sound?
the Eq is apparently parrellel look up the technical side of that yourself but it works really differently. It doenst make any real changes to the tone, just boosts that bit. Bad description i know, ashdown you turn the treble know up the whole sound seems to change around it, you get a thinner trebley-er sound this it just seems to make the treble more there in the sound. It's different but opening ears and just playing around you can get some really nice musical sounds. Very differnt to other Eqs ive used on amps.
lots of pre-shapes i can add- nice.
not too heavy 15kg
ooh a footswitch! turns 'punch' filter on and off and effects loop.
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right.... it has one speakon output with a switch you can turn to tell it the ohmage of your system.. thats fine for hooking up on cab. say i have two at 8 ohm, how do you wire them in parrelel? Daisy chaining them will give you 16ohms right wich is too much?

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but only if the cabs are wired in parallel inside yes? (socket linked to socket, both wired to drivers) if they are wired in series (ie socket 1 goes through drivers link to socket 2) they are ashdown cabs.

thinknig about it it would make sense to be wired in serises if thats what folk do.

i think mine may have been sat in a shop for a few years, hence why i got it so cheap. :) more fool everyone else.

its like a really clean crisp apple, but with a bit of flavour.
ashdown would be a more sweet softer apple.
ampeg would be juicy and watery with a bt of a sharp tang (granny smith)
peavey would be a bramley

feel free to expand on my apple annology. I only have one kettle lead so the mac is turning off, and the bass amp is going on...!

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I see your apple theory and raise it - lets include other fruits!!

The trademark of a great head is having everything flat and it sounding great, as I am sure you know. I remember setting everything flat on the one I tried (standard policy at a music show as people really mess with things!) and remember that crispy sweet apple sound.

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Hi all,
I reviewed one of these heads with the H&K 8x10 for BGM back in early 06 and was very impressed with everything the amp had to offer. You've got yourself a bargain there, I gave the amp and cab 90/100 at the time and I'd stand by that now too. By the comments I see here, it's nice to know that sometimes us reviewers get it right.

All I can say really is ENJOY!!!!!


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I used the Bassbase range (250, 400 & 600) for 15 years or so and it was the poodles pecker. I was loathed to move away from the Bassbase range but weight considerations forced the issue. I wasn't so impressed with their basskick series and I've often wondered what this Quantum/QC would be like.

At that price it looks a steal and I love the fact that it does 2.8 ohms (shame not 2) whilst you can set it to use a 4 AND 8 ohm cab together (among a host of other combinations) the full power what ever your cab ratings sounds almost too good to be true! Obviously the mixing of cabs will give you all sorts of power rating mismatches but at least at a push you can double up on cabs.

A definite dark horse that you should check out.

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well been playing it for a wee bit now. should have played it a church through some ashdown cabs on sunday but i ws a bit daft with my soldering. the plus side is that this amp has something to protect it if there isnt a load on it and it will sit there clicking at you rather than going bang.
anyone else used this parralel Eq type system before? Its quite cool in subtly changing your tone, you cannae do any major changes to your tone. my P bass sounds like a P bass. I think that is waht this amp is good at, making a bass sound like it does sound- so you really have many subtle variations on one core sound. (well and then blaending in the tube growl knob makes a big difference). Cant wait to get my status back and see what that sounds like through it.

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