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  1. If you are having a custom bass made; if you want light you get light. All of my GB's weigh less than 9 lbs and I know Bernie recently built a Rumour that made mine feel like heavyweights If you want tone then the GB's have a fantastic active circuit with ridiculous amounts of cut and boost, 21 dB. ACG also have a filter circuit that is getting rave reviews but is lots of knobs - 8 I think in 4 dual concentric pots. I have found with filters though that there are a lot of awful sounds as well as great sounds but I have not tried the ACG. There are no bad sounds in a GB circuit that I have been able to find. What sounds good though is a matter of taste, one mans meat................. Status use their own pups and actives so if you fancy some graphite action would be worth a look. The problem is finding your sound and getting to try all these options. If you go for somebody that uses stock pups and actives you have a better idea of what its gonna sound like, cos pups and actives have a much bigger influence on the sound than wood and construction IMO. The sound will be like any other bass that uses the same bits. If you like EMG/Bart/Wizard/Nordy etc then going for them could be the safer option.
  2. Well I went for GB's but thats me. Things to think about are what you want from your custom bass - silly shape, fancy woods, great sound and great player. IMO a silly shape and fancy woods with bog standard pups and eq is less of a custom than a super J with custom pups and eq but thats my opinion, others will disagree.
  3. [url="http://wiki.basschat.co.uk/players:jimmy_blanton"]Jimmy Blanton[/url] started it all IMO. Before he came along bassists struggled to play four notes a bar.
  4. Always loved Ellington. I had the pleasure of seeing him and his band on his last european tour. How about [url="http://www.myspace.com/laurencecottle"]Laurence Cottle[/url]
  5. [quote name='flippyfloop' post='451706' date='Apr 1 2009, 04:56 PM']! ? Not sure what your saying buddy. I can asure you that I haven't done a thing out of place with Gracie. The only person to touch the electronics would have been Bernie. I take really good care of my basses. Maybe I'm taking this the wrong way, four weeks without nicotine and counting [/quote] The preamp was buggered mate - went in the bin. I knew it was not right when I did the first band practice with her. 2 gigs later I was absolutely convinced; so new pre-amp has gone in. Much, much better now. Having another full beans GB, although without frets, made it easy to hear.
  6. The path to string nirvana is a long and expensive one. Be sure to try at a gig before you decide. Maybe I should have gigged my fretless with the TI's on. DOH! Must take own advice.
  7. I am leaving the champers in the fridge just in case
  8. [quote name='alexclaber' post='447343' date='Mar 27 2009, 03:55 PM']What is with this obsession with mute switches?!! Alex[/quote] They can be quite useful. Changing instruments. Vintage (or crap) pedals that make a lot of noise when switched. OK you can pull the lead but that takes time. Switched jack leads can be good but I use wireless (and the off switch on that sends a clunk through the amp).
  9. [quote name='chris_b' post='450532' date='Mar 31 2009, 02:22 PM']Also Eden is almost always the choice of visiting black American bassists.[/quote] Apart from Marcus Miller of course
  10. I think he was insulted by your assumption that he was a septic
  11. Wow this has rumbled on a bit. I am sick of saying that magazines can only review what they are given to review so I will say no more until the next knob complains about the gear being reviewed. And Vauxhall did refuse to allow their cars to be tested by Jezza for a number of years. I have a mate who is the editor of a specialist magazine - diving I think. Does he know anything about diving? No. Does he know how to edit the people that do know about diving to produce a top mag - oh yes.
  12. Not got off to a good start have you? You will get lots of replies along the lines of "I use x" without much further explanation. I use TI Jazz Flats cos they are soft and bright. Some flats are really hard and tear your fingers up. Not tried any other brands. I also use Status Hotwire halfs on my fretless and other basses. These feel like flats but sound like rounds - thats the idea anyway but execution does vary. I tried the TI's on my fretless; didn't like the sound. Funny that.
  13. They do have real problems getting stuff for review; which is why the same stuff keeps appearing. Dont think they will be getting anymore of EBS freaks GB's either after the imaginary blemishes in the finish, and spending more time slagging off the extra's Russ chose as a customer than they did reviewing other aspects of the bass. The back of the Rumour with the laser cut covers is absolutely stunning and it was the only bass they did not show the back of. Its not great but it is all we have got, so use it or lose it. Perhaps the smart arses can publish a rival to give them some competition.
  14. [quote name='al embic' post='449563' date='Mar 30 2009, 03:39 PM']i hadn't gigged my gb(daphne ,lol)for a while....was gutted to find the drummer hadn't left anything like enough room for me on the tiny stage.this weekend.so i had to use the (shhhhhhhh) status again this weekend....spoke to berny a while back about bunging the single coils in her,i think i'd miss the bright/slapswitch too much though...anyone anythoughts? oh and poms(lee pomeroy) now plays bass for it bites,when not on duty with take that....saw him in york using a black ray....great player![/quote] You can have the single coils with the regular pre-amp with the slap switch. As I cant slap, wont slap; its not much use to me
  15. All lefties? Gigged with Grace on Saturday - what a difference. Last few gigs I have been horrendously loud just to hear what I was playing but Saturday was as clear as a bell. Not able to muck about much cos the club was full with the footy so we couldn't soundcheck; but the new preamp is interesting - but it does not make much difference with the EQ flat Tooke me a while to work that out - DOH. Also Bernie had forgotten I tune down a tone so had to do a quick set-up. Big big improvement but the few numbers I did on the fretless still blew it away, but that may have been volume related cos we didn't soundcheck.
  16. Having had the opportunity to try both a GB Rumour and a Fodera - see above - my comment about gigging a bass to really know it is even more relevant. When I tried them solo in somebody's house there was not a lot between them. They both played and sounded good. But when I used the Rumour with the band I straight away knew that something was wrong. The sound was dead. It now sports a new pre-amp because the original was, to use the technical term, f***ed. It would be interesting to compare them now!
  17. They were/are great basses but if you are looking for a valuation it will be difficult. There is a trade guitar book, a bit like Glasses guide for cars, but as its trade only its hard to get hold of. If you want an insurance valuation you may have to go to a specialist shop like V&R etc. If you want to sell it pick a price and see what you get. Go in high and if nobody bites it is too expensive. You could try PM to Bass Assassin (AKA Captain Japcrap).
  18. Am not sure what an SWR 4x10 will have that the EBS does not; but hey its your cab. As for price, look and see what others have sold for on here or ebay. My usual rule of thumb is to half the price new and round up or down to the nearest £100, depending on how desperate I am to sell. As a new one is £950 that makes it £400-£500.
  19. The problem with unique basses is there is nothing to bass a valuation on.
  20. [quote name='steve-soar' post='447703' date='Mar 27 2009, 08:22 PM']Whatever you do, don't metion THAT![/quote] I mentioned it once but I think I got away with it
  21. Picked up Grace tonight with her new single coils and pre-amp with the "precision" switch instead of the slap switch (dont know where I got that idea from). Sounded great in the shop - cant wait until tonights gig to see what she will sound like. And the "precision" switch will be great for playing the bass riff from The Chain at every opportunity
  22. [quote name='fryer' post='446861' date='Mar 27 2009, 08:03 AM']I bought a Warwick Profet 3.2, as a temparary until I find a shuttle or similar. I have read your review on this, and wish I hadn't bought it. Why might I not like the sound of the shuttle ? R[/quote] You might not like the sound of the shuttle cos we all like different things. It is quite transparent and very articulate, some people like a wooley thud and its hard to get that.
  23. [quote name='voxpop' post='446852' date='Mar 27 2009, 07:07 AM']There is two schools of thought...... 1.....All drive units should be the same to give a coherent and identical sound. 2.....Mixed drive units that cover a wider range of frequencies, giving greater flexability to mix and match cabs for different sounds and gig locations. I prefer number two but others will disagree. There is no right or wrong IMHO its just a matter of taste.[/quote] There is a prevailing view that you need 10's for punch and 15's for depth; but lots of 2x10/4x10 cabs actually go deeper than the corresponding 15's. All the size of a driver tells you is how big it is. Mixing drivers can produce upredictable results because phase changes with frequency depending on the cab, so at some frequencies the mixed cabs will be out of phase, but identical cabs won't. But the end result is that if it sounds good to you then it is good, but it may be worth checking FOH cos that might sound a lot different to the stage sound that will be different cos you will hear more of the top cab. There have been lots of flame wars on this subject
  24. Somebody can make a bass out of it. How many bodies can you get from a table top
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