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Band needed for wedding - Horam, East Sussex


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Hi guys


A colleague of mine is looking for a band for his wedding.  I asked him for as much detail as possible and got the below.


If you're free and interested, can you ping me a contact and I'll put you in direct touch with my colleague, thanks!


Location: The Cartlodge, Horam, East Sussex

Date: 22nd July 2023

Time: 19:00 – 22:30

Music: anything drunk people will dance and sing along to.

Band size: we are thinking 4 piece but I am sure 3 or 5 would also work.

Guests: 120 people ranging from 25 to 80 years old.

Food and drink will be provided – can be flexible (within reason) around any other requirements.


Our preference is for the band to play outside with all equipment under a large gazebo weather permitting. If the weather is forecasted to be wet, we can have the band inside.

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2 hours ago, skidder652003 said:

The detail is in the "free" department!

As in time or money!??

As in ‘available to play on the date, at the location, at the time required.’ Sorry if that was unclear. 

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Hi Muppet,


I play professionally in afew 1950's rock n roll bands, always set to get the party going.

I do weddings, theatre work & various functions.


One of the bands does do some more modern covers in our own style, like Greenday, Led Zeppelin, Depeche Mode.

I also play in a couple of great duos.


Happy to discuss ths further over PM or can give you my contact number.





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