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  1. Actually, it was 42 minutes each way with traffic plus time spent.... I came to look on the premiss you sid: " Hi, I can't see any evidence of old repairs " If, in all honesty you had looked more closely, you would have seen this & could have photographed it & I wouldnt have come... My expecttions are in all honesty that people should check things out properly before they attempt to sell them. In fact, you asked my opinion in regard to the neck, which took my time. I have more than enough experience as a player to form a compehensive opinion. I will not put any more of my views on line in regard to tis matter as it stands & will PM you my account number & sort code for the £10, which I will accept as a nice gesture on your part. GLWTS
  2. For the purposes of clarity, I saw the bass, which was unfortunate due to the original lack of description & had I honestly known about the added defects, would not have wasted 2 hours of my time & gas money. There is also a non described warping around one of the F holes on the body!
  3. Hi, Very Interested! Just wanted to check any old repairs or cracks, has the neck been out? Is it an Ebony fingerboard & tailpiece please? Thanks Mark
  4. For that "sweet deal" you offered Kev, I'm almost tempted to hae a 3rd one!
  5. Am I right that this is 300w on its own or 500w with an extention cab?
  6. Interest in a 1960s East German ply bass in awesome condition,no breaks ever, Ebony fingerboard & cash my way?
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