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  1. Hi Pete, I'm interested in this Regards Mark
  2. Czech made vintage cutaway double bass in good playing condition. No open seams, no work needed. The bass has had a neck reset & has been properly refinished with protective oil.
  3. REALLY... You obviously have tried the wrong makes!
  4. Some of us can slap a bass like Lee Rocker as that's what we do! Mine just happens to be signed by him as well...
  5. Hi Dexter, I'm in Stevenage, Herts & may well be able to help, I've been teaching double bass for years & I only play the double bass (professionally). Feel free to PM me. Regards Markus
  6. Hi Kevin, can you please reply to my last PM, thanks.
  7. If anyone wants an AMAZING sounding combo for double bass, I can seriously recommend this! GLWTS
  8. Hi, are there any issues with the bass please & has it had any repairs? Also, what is the string height please?
  9. Hiya, I'm interested in buying the amp & have some questions about it please, including about logistics. Should I message you privately? Thanks
  10. Hiya, This is very interesting for me, but I play only double bass! I'm hugely schooled in R&B, Boogie woogie, Rock n Roll, Blues, Rockabilly, Country, Swing/JIve, Jump Jive, etc. I've played in bands up to 8 piece, played with horns, harmonica, etc. I've also done some dep Jump Blues gigs over the years & really love & appreciate the music! Are you on F/B, happy to send you some samples of my playing...Regards, Markus
  11. Hi, I'm interested in these please! How much is postage in the Uk? Many Thanks Mark
  12. Hey Clarky, gigging all weekend, but interested in a try out next week perhaps???
  13. Hi Merton, I have a Genz Benz shuttle 9.2....should be 600w into 8 ohms
  14. Thanks Clarky, but I really need to know how much of my amp power I'm likely to get into the cab at 8ohms
  15. Thanks Clarky... Any idea of the power rating at 8 ohms? If not, I'll give BF a call today!
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