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NAD: Mark Bass AG 1000

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Finally here.


Only had 5 mins with it so far but it sounds good and has that warmth MB amps usually have.


Quite different to the RM800 but that's a good thing as I like a bit of variety.


Bit of fan noise (not as quiet as the Ashdown) but no louder than a pretty quiet PC that isn't doing anything taxing. 

Might take it to rehearsal on Saturday to see what happens in the mix.





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Having tried soooo many different amp brands and configurations over the years, I’ve found that Markbass simply ‘work’ for me better than any other. 

In fact, so much so that I currently have an order in for no less than 3 new heads (matching gig head and a studio one plus a Nano backup for gigging), a pair of cabs (both 4 ohms for different situations) and a small rehearsal/acoustic combo. 

All are replacements for existing MB gear, which I’ve put up for sale. I’ve now worked out exactly which combinations I want and am excited to settle in with them. 

The AG, and MM, heads were both on my list but I settled on the warmer tones of a small valve pre head instead. Also don’t need more than 500w into the 4ohm cabs. 

I bet the AG sounds monstrous at full whack!

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On 15/06/2022 at 20:28, fretmeister said:


He’s mainly a session player and musical director for some big acts. Also big in American gospel stuff.


Monster player.


So yes, he can play 👍

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