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Donner effects pedals.


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Hi all, 

Like a sucker I've just fallen for some targeted advertising. 

I saw that nearly all Donner effects pedals were on sale at £25 a pop. 

No idea if they're any good but I've just bought the Pad 100

Yes it's aimed at guitarist but multi effects, amp & cab simulation, drum machine, tuner, line in and battery power (among other stuff) makes it a perfect little noodling in the garden tool. 

All for £25 and free postage. 

I'm not expecting much so we'll see what it's like. 


Forgot to mention it has SVT amp and Markbass cab simulation so can't be all bad. 

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 Thanks for sharing  👍

That does look like quite a neat little box - especially like the beat functionality. It's also got Orange amp sim 😍 

Please do post a review once you've had a chance to use 


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Posted (edited)

Strap in ladies and gents, here it comes, the review you've all been waiting for. 


It's expectedly meh, but surprisingly yay! 


It's reasonably well built, plastic but solid enough for home use. It comes with a mains adapter and USB lead, and a couple of funky stickers (if that's your thing). 


I'll briefly work from left to right on the front. 

The amp modelling section has 7 models, 2 clean, 2 overdriven, 2 distorted and a bass, with gain, volume and tone across them all. 

There's some perfectly usable tones in there, mainly the Ampeg bass one (which could do with being louder) and the overdriven Orange one, with the gain down it has a nice growl to it. 

The distorted can be fun but over the top. 

Cab simulation makes things seem less clinical. 


Tuner works well enough and is clear and easy to read, the buttons light up green central and orange either side. 


The drum machine is straight out of an 80's bontempi keyboard but does the job. 

There's forty preset rhythms, five each of pop, rock, funk, metal, blues & fusion, and ten different time signature metronomes. The independent volume on the drum machine is nice to help balance your sound. 


The effects are grouped in threes, chorus/flanger/tremolo, three reverbs and three delays. You can only combine one from each group at a time. Things can get a little crazy here but they all work well if you're careful with the settings, and have plenty of depth. 

The plate reverb is almost a swell pedal and quite bizarre. 


I haven't tried any presets yet but they'll be aimed at guitarists anyway. 


There's instrument in and out, aux in, headphone out, power in and USB on the back, 9v battery housing and belt clip on the bottom. 


In summary if I had my grumpy head on I'd mumble something about it being a toy for beginners, especially the drum machine, but I'm in a good mood and it's a really good usable practise tool. Just don't expect it to be a Helix for £25.

Some of the weirder drum rhythms make you come up with riffs you wouldn't normally, which can't be bad. 

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