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Pedulla MVP5, 1989, £1600 - *SOLD*
Bedlington, Northumberland


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Hey guys.


For sale here is my 1989 Pedulla MVP5. Built by the now-retired Mike Pedulla, this is an absolute corker of an instrument. I'm selling as it just doesn't get enough play time as I use my Warwick Thumb for 95% of everything I do now and I want some new toys, it's a shame to leave this sitting it's case, so it's time to move it on.




Made in 1989 in Massachusetts, USA

5 string

34" scale

Neck thru

Maple body and neck

Flamed maple top and back

Schaller tuners

Bartolini P and J pickups

Ebony fretboard

Cherryburst finish

Brass nut

17.5mm string spacing at the bridge



Overall, the bass is in great condition for something built in 1989. It has some player marks; there is a chip on the side of the body, a patch on the back that wore through and was refinished by a previous owner and the lacquer on the side of the fretboard is chipped a little around the 12-15th frets on the low B side of the fretboard - pics included. The playability and tone are superb, as you'd expect from someone as renowned as Mike Pedulla. Deep and rich, great for the Jaco sound if you solo the bridge, the P pickup sounds really fat and rich on it's own and the pair in combo is fantastic - I generally run it with both pickups on equal, it sounds great. The pickups are a special set that were made for Pedulla basses. There had been some discussion as to whether Mike might let Bill Bartolini market them after Mike retired, but it never materialised, so that is another thing that is special and unique to these basses. With Mike now retiring, there won't be any new Pedullas born into the world. I am extremely grateful to have owned one and ticked it off my bucket list, I had wanted one since I was 17 years old and saw someone playing one in a band at a hotel I worked at. They really do look, feel and sound amazing.


The bass will ship in the original Pedulla hard shell case. The truss rod tool and the original truss rod instructions from Mike Pedulla are included in the case.


You are welcome to come and try the bass out in person if you like, I'm in Bedlington, Northumberland, about 25 minutes north of Newcastle upon Tyne. I can meet within some range of Newcastle if we agree on the arrangements.


For the sale, I can do cash if the bass is collected in person. Bank transfer and PayPal are options too, but with PayPal, there are of course additional PayPal fees to consider. I can ship UK or EU, shipping will be at the buyer's expense and of course, I will only ship insured, for the protection of me and the next owner of this fine bass.


I'm more than happy to provide additional pictures or answer questions about the bass, so please give me a shout if you wish. 














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Hi D, sorry, should have asked in previous post; what's the control layout here and how much does this lovely instrument weigh?

  Really nice pics by the way, especially the ones taken outside 🙇🏼‍♂️

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10 hours ago, dutchwife said:

Hi D, sorry, should have asked in previous post; what's the control layout here and how much does this lovely instrument weigh?

  Really nice pics by the way, especially the ones taken outside 🙇🏼‍♂️


Good morning Dutchwife, the bass is 4.4kg - it's solid maple so it would never be a featherweight, but the overall short dimensions and small body (compared to something traditional like a Fender) mean that it balances nicely when worn on a strap and is quite comfortable. My main bass is a Warwick Thumb and ergonomically, the Pedulla is a much more comfortable instrument.


The controls are volume, pickup pan and tone. It's an active circuit, but with traditional style controls. The active circuit acts as a buffer to provide headroom for a clean, clear tone.




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