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  1. What a beauty ! Bargain, surely ???
  2. Hi all I recently acquired one of these crazy, imposing 80s techno wonders (comprising the GR science fiction bass guitar / controller, complete with 'stabiliser bar' parallel to the neck, plus the GR77-B pedalboard / synth engine unit). Just getting to grips with it - awesome analogue noises to be had ! Are there any other UK based / players / experimenters / scientists out there with one ? It would be great to swap experiences...
  3. Yes, I am now the proud owner of this kaleidoscopic beast and I can certainly say that it has the 'mwaah' factor in spades. What a brilliantly engineered instrument Special shout out to Steve Bassatnight who has been the perfect vendor - highly recommended ! Chris
  4. That is just the most luscious, eye-popping fretless out there - I bet it is like playing a finely sliced slab of non-salted butter in a warm kitchen. And then, imagine the mwaah-tastic sound...
  5. That is a fabulous looking & very practical instrument - lovely ! Just look at the engineering standards - serious value for money !
  6. Hi dotmaka, what a fabulous bass that is ! Thanks, Chris
  7. Hi Gareth, those are a very nice set of basses. I once had a fretless 70s Precision & it sounded killer. But Aria chose to do it differently, in their wisdom - you have a PM. All the best, Chris
  8. SOLD : my 1982 Aria Pro-II SB-1000 'Super Bass' - fretless In the late 70s / early 80s, the Japanese Matsumoku factory had progressed from picture-perfect copies to their own immaculately engineered and very creative original designs, and king of the basses was the Aria SB 'Super Bass' range, headlined by the top of the pile SB-1000. Matsumoku / Aria had clearly been contemplating the pathway laid down by Alembic, and countered with their own 'boutique' offering, the SB-1000. With a double octave 34" scale 5-ply maple / walnut neck, all-brass hardware and a Canadian Ash body, the SB-1000 certainly looked the part, but backed this up with its double coil MB-1 pickup feeding the proprietary 18V 'BB' active, noise - defeating circuitry, including a 6 - way filter enabling a surprisingly wide range of 80s tones, from deep reggae through to burbling & popping mids and snappy tops. All to the liking of John Taylor, Jack Bruce and Cliff Burton, to name 3 celebrity users. To this confection, this vanishingly rare fretless version adds a warm, menacing growl. This bass, which is a second generation 'bookend headstock' model, is in extremely good, all-original condition. The electronics all work, the 6-way filter provides the requisite 6 different tones, and the natty front face LED featured in these bookend versions blinks away in classic 80s sci-fi style once the bass is plugged in. With its railroad - straight, C-section neck, it is simple to set a very low, super-speedy action & wallow in all the 'mwaah' that results. There are a few minor dings around the body sides and a couple of contusions in the lacquer on the neck (see photos), but these barely dint the majestically thick and luscious clearcoat that Aria saw fit to lavish on these 1000 series models. In the day, the SB-1000s were renowned for the dense and vibrant wood grain finishes that Aria coaxed from its timber, all different. I'm biased, but if you find a more attractive one than this, please let me know ! Non OEM quality hardcase included (see pix) - price is exclusive of shipping costs. Happy to answer any questions, not happy to sell this beauty, but I need the space...
  9. Hi ; I had the privelige of owning #1341 until last year, and I can confirm it is a fantastic instrument. Whether Barry Adamson used one or not on 'Secondhand Daylight' I dont know, but that front pickup sounds like nothing else. Almost tempted to buy it back !
  10. Hi ; would you be willing to sell the 1 x 15 (1153T) on its own, please ? Thanks, Chris
  11. Thanks for these comments / reminiscences. I got it out again last night & plugged in. The tone is a bit like a brighter version of the sound I get from a Thunderbird Bicentennial - just seems very rich & detailed across the whole spectrum compared to more modern basses. Why - I dont know !
  12. For sale : Hayman 4040, sunburst - very good condition Formed via a partnership between Jim Burns and Ivor Arbiter in 1969, Hayman made an eclectic British range of electrics in the early 1970, these representing the 'missing link' beween Burns Guitars and the later Shergold instruments. The flagship bass was the Hayman 4040, produced between 1971 & 1975. Designed by Bob Pearson with an obeche body & bound maple neck, the 4040 ploughed its own unique furrow compared to US basses of the time. This one is in the vibrant Hayman sunburst colour scheme, with a substantial transparent pickguard and perspex string holder. The 34" scale neck is bound with a comfortable C profile and low action, and the ultra rare embedded Hayman transparent headstock logo is present & correct, as are the unusual but very 'of its era' knobs & switchgear. The substantial bridge has individually adjustable multi-slotted saddles. Build quality and attention to detail is very good - a portent of the Shergolds to follow. So far, so 1970s - but what really sets this bass apart from its peers are the amazing twin double-pole, staggered split 'Superflux' pickups, which as far as I am aware, were unique to the 4040. These are the most powerful units I have ever come across in a passive bass, and produce an amazingly rich & detailed tone, revealing all the harmonic content and overtones, and showcasing the surprising sustain. The front pickup is snappy and authoritative with full and deep tone, whilst the back makes a marvellous counterpoint, rather like a richer Rickenbacker. Both sit on a floating plate, on top of the 'Vibrasonic' hollow central chamber which presumably plays an important part in all this. Hearing is believing ! As you can see, this 4040 has been used, but still presents well. Everything works. It looks cool hanging on the wall, but it demands to be played.
  13. For sale ; an elegant and classy Adam Clayton signature Fender Jazz Bass, in unmarked condition and barely played :- condition 'mint' Sherwood Green Metallic gloss urethane finished alder body, with matching headstock Maple neck with custom "C" profile and vintage style heel truss-rod adjustment 9.5"-radius rosewood fingerboard with 20 medium jumbo frets and white pearloid block inlays, satin urethane finish on back of neck Dual Fender Custom Shop '60s single-coil Jazz Bass pickups Vintage-style black plastic Jazz Bass control knobs Vintage-style HiMass™ string-through-body/top-load bridge Fender®/Hipshot® Vintage-Style "Lollipop" tuners As the specification shows, everything about the design selections on this bass oozes sophistication, refinement and playability. Additionally, it has all the myriad classic J-Bass tones nailed, and with its super - thick urethane gloss clearcoat, chrome hardware and pearloid scratchplate, it looks stunning in the flesh! Bass comes complete with non OEM tweed hard case
  14. Hi Mike, I'm the Ovation guy. My email : [email protected] ; please feel free to drop me an email Best regards Chris
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