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  1. Beautiful bass...you see many people put ridiculous prices on their Pedulla's, but this is a very fair one. Good luck with the sale!
  2. For sale this stunning Fender Custom Shop 1961 jazz bass, Closet Classic from 2012. This is a fantastic playing and sounding jazz bass, in mint condition. Reason for sale is that i have too many basses, and i got this in a trade. Comes with original case and papers/candy. Price: €2750 including shipping. No trades please. Feel free to ask me any questions with a PM.
  3. Sandberg Masterpiece basses are really, really great!
  4. Traded!
  5. Beautiful bass...good price too! GLWTS
  6. For sale this very beautiful Merlos Signature Edition, a one of a kind, build from our friend Mustapha Bouchou in 2017. It is the best Merlos i have played, very smooth playing ("33 scale, yet a very tight B-string), very nice neck, and very versatile: from modern to vintage tones. José Merlos is a builder from Spain and has build this bass with a chambered (!) alder body (that is why the weight is only 3.8kg), maple neck and a top with Flamed Redwood, with multiple pieces redwood through the body and neck and a neck-through construction for easy access to higher notes. The bass is in good condition, but there are some dings and dongs, see pictures. Nothing serious, only because of playing;) String spacing is 19mm, bridge from Merlos, tuners from hipshot. Preamp is from Merlos himself, as are the pickups, with the following controls: bass, mid, treble, active/passive tone knob (pull for passive), mid frequency switch and single/parallel switch for pickups. I sell because i need some cash for four string P bass. Price: €2200. I look at offers or partial trades. Shipping is possible, only EU thanks to Brexit. Thanks for looking. Feel free to send me a PM with any questions. Please look and listen to these video's, thanks to Mustapha! And some more soundsamples: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RkutKh0CHfk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nSjWsPyP2HE
  7. This setup will cost you €3400. Prices have gone up again...
  8. Thank you, and i forgot to add the weight: 3.85kg.
  9. Most beautiful Fodera for sale right now, unfortunately out of my budget...
  10. Body wood is Boire i believe...very nice bass, good luck with the sale!
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