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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. What a beauty. These L-2000s are so versatile & very wieldy. I think it is a bargain !
  3. These are amazing fretless basses. Fantastic growly sounds and brilliant playability. Built like an oriental tank, with Ibanez at the height of their capabilities. What a bargain !
  4. Swoon...such value for the money. All the J-bass anyone would ever need...well done Fender for not resting on their laurels
  5. Thats kind of you, my friend - I can say the same about you. This sale is a real toughie, to be sure...
  6. FOR SALE : Pedulla Pentabuzz, serial #7619, 2000 build This Pentabuzz has been seen before here – I traded it from bassatnight last year (he was an absolutely excellent seller !), and it was on sale at Bass Direct at one point. It is a fabulous experience to play and to listen to, and I will never own a better instrument. However, I want to refocus my collection to 70s / 80s basses only, so something has to give… The best way I can describe the Pentabuzz is that is like an ‘uber-fretless’ ; it somehow encapsulates everything that fretlesses are all about, and takes it to the next level The sound is unique and highly distinctive, ‘maximum fretless’ - even before plugging it in. I think this is down to the through neck, combined with the epoxy – coated fretboard, which is as smooth as glass and is an intoxicating recipe for seamless glides, wobbles, mwaahs and growls. It is the feeling of total expressive freedom, and because the action can be set so low (in fact, it has to be, to get the trademark Pentabuzz growl), it is just so very fast to play. The Bartolinis and active tone controls allow pretty much any sound to be dialled in. The low B is not there for special effects, it is articulate and clear, and just becomes part of the overall sonic pallette. (I had never played a 5 string before, but it soon becomes second nature). The spec is as follows : everything works. It has a couple of miniscule lacquer pocks, a bit of checking on the back, and that is it – see the photos · 4A flame maple body in turquoise trans. Finish, maple through neck, epoxy / polyester fingerboard · 34” scale, double acting truss bar · 19mm string spacing at bridge (but adjustable) · Controls : volume, pan, bass boost / cut, treble boost / cut, mid boost / cut (toggle) · Gloss poly finish, gold plated hardware It comes with a nice robust case, although I have never taken it out of the house, apart from to photograph it… I’m not completely sure I want to sell it, because there won’t be any more of these made, but isn’t that always the way ! I would be interested in a trade for something like a pre EB Sabre fretless, if there are any around ! Any questions – please ask – thanks Chris
  7. Yes, this is a hell of a great bass. I bought an early 80s L-2000 E off this site recently ; what a WEAPON !
  8. Hi all - I bought the ex - Ped early 80s black G&L L-2000E from Pete. The bass was exactly as described, in fact better, and Pete was 100% straight and transparent to deal with. Everything was dealt with quickly, and I am a very satisfied customer indeed Thanks Chris
  9. OK thanks, no lacquer needed in that case - great !
  10. Hi all - just looking for some top quality experienced guidance on a simple project I am looking to refinish a gloss black nitro painted body, in gloss black nitro, to a super glossy fininsh. A few questions to the wise please : I have done this type of thing before with success as regards applying paint / sanding / buffing stages etc, using Northwest Guitars sprays, so that is my starting point. Black is forgiving ! The body is in good condition but has a few gouges / dings etc, so my proposed M.O. is... Fill the gouges & holes with good quality wood filler Sand the whole to a smooth base, 400 grit paper Spray with primer Sand again to smooth, 400 grit paper Apply multiple coats of black nitro, buffing down any high spots with 600 grit paper in between coats Apply multiple coats of clear lacquer Leave for 2 weeks minimum to harden Progressively sand to 2000 grit paper, changing direction with each paper Buff to mirror finish Questions : Do I need to sand the black nitro before applying lacquer, or if I just apply lacquer direct over the black & then sand, will this lead to any variations or high spots in the black layers being invisible once lacquer is buffed ? Do I even need to apply clearcoat lacquer, or can I simply sand and buff the gloss black nitro itself ? Would it look any different, either way ? Hope all this makes sense ! Any advice most welcome Thanks Chris
  11. Fabulous ! I have a very similar Koa Mockingbird from the same era. These are 'top end' boutique basses in every way, & with a very extensive set of sounds to complement the impressive craftmanship.
  12. Hi Passinwind, many thanks indeed for your support. Yes, the bass was being posted from Portland, Oregon. I will drop you a PM with further details. A fretless TB2000 - mmmm!
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