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Preamp & Pup advice for NB


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Looking for some advice on new pre and pups in my new custom order 5 string. 


I already have a JJ bass so I'm after something a bit different - PJ / Soapbars perhaps? 


In terms of tone I definitely prefer modern over vintage and like lots  growl and punch in the mids. I don't play metal or heavy rock but most other genres. 


Been looking at Bartolini, Glockenlang and East Uni Pre. Needs to be a 5 pot pre for the bass I'm getting as there's no control plate. 


Aguilar, Delano, Bartolini  Nordstrand Pups. 


Any advice would be great to hear 😁

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Yeah that’s my go-do Bart setup, I’ve had it on 3 separate basses, one of which is my current Lakland 55-01. I love it.

Modern and deep yet versatile. 

The HR/918 is just the Pre-wired harness that includes the NTMB pre.



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42 minutes ago, NickA said:

Lots of people love Bart's; I find them rich but a bit dull and free of sparkle. 


Plus one for East electronics.  Sound aside, they'e beautifully made and easy to install and adjust.

Thanks. Any pups you'd recommend with them or are they a good all rounder? 

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The East electronics will work with any pickups, the sound you get is exactly what the pickups make - no deliberate shaping, distortion or other colouration. My delanos are pretty high output and I only get clipping if the 9V battery is going flat.  John East says you can use 18v power if you need more headroom.


About pickups ... There are so many out there it's impossible to choose.


I've only long term experience of: Kent Armstrong = rich and dark.  Delano's = bright and punchy, bit brash.  MEC  = rather thin, need a bass and treble boost.  Wal = unobtainable!


Tried a few at bassbashes notably, Sims = ok, nothing special, but highly configurable. EMG = clear and clean.  And these (I think) which were amazing https://www.riograndepickups.com/thunderbass-bridge


Good reports of nordstrand blades and bassculture WalBuckers https://hotwire-bass.de/hotwire-pickups-en from people trying to build Wal clones. If you wanted that Fat, rich, punchy humbucker sound.


There are lots of sound clips on the Thoman website, from which I chose the Delano's for my jazz bass ( but hadn't tried the Rio Grande thunders back then).




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