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  1. Definitely looks like Bubinga to me😍...and that's a great price! GLWTS But as above - worth entering the serial number from headstock on Warwick site to double check.
  2. Looking at upgrading my KZS10's in the near future. Potentially a newer model... KZAS12? I might even go down the custom route. UE6, UE7, UE11 look promising. I suspect going custom will be night and day to what I'm using now. The UE6 get a lot of love from bass players so not sure if it's worth splashing out for the 7's or 11's? One thing I've found from the KZs is that they slide around in my left ear during live shows and I'm constantly adjusting. Also the tone it reproduces is quite thin and sometimes low volume, even when I've maxed out on the Behringer P16. FYI - Going into a Behringer XR18 - Silent stage from now on.
  3. Pedaltrain Mini with fuel tank junior fitted to the bottom. This was a custom mod I did a few years ago and its always worked like a charm. 😊 Gator softcase and power cable included. Price includes postage to UK.
  4. Awesome little pedal with a great range of tones. No original box but item will be packaged securely. Price includes postage to UK.
  5. Condition is used - pedal is in full working order. No original box but pedal will be packaged securely. Price includes postage to UK
  6. Superb compressor for bass. Good condition and I'll include the reverse polarity cable. No original box but pedal will be packaged securely. Price includes shipping to UK
  7. Fantastic chorus pedal for bass - Used condition but in full working order. Velcro attached to the bottom. No original box but pedal will be packaged securely. Price includes postage to UK.
  8. Fantastic Octave pedal in for full working order. I don't have the box but the pedal will be shipped safely. Price includes postage to UK.
  9. I really like the tone from the White TT5 in this video with both pickups on.
  10. After doing some research it seems Overwater pickups have a 'flat response' and are not everyones cup of tea. I'm trying to decide whether to go with them or maybe have some Barts installed on my custom Overwater Jazz? I know that if I go with the Overwaters I won't be able to swap them out further down the line as they're drilled differently. I'm wanting the sound to have some bark to it and wondered everyone's opinions who have owned Overwater Basses? Just as a side note the bass will have the Overwater Preamp installed.
  11. Not to be confused with the Chinese/Indonesian models! This is an American 🇺🇸 made bass and shares the same electronics as a 2 band Stingray...Superb Stingray tone and excellent craftsmanship. If you have an American made SUB, you already have a Stingray Classic with a slightly different finish. Bass is in very good condition with only a few very minor marks (see photos). I'll include the Ernie Ball hardcase which is in used condition however the interior is near perfect and works great. Price includes postage to UK mainland and will be packed professionally. Any questions just ask.
  12. Will an Exotic top go well with Satin finish as I'm not going for gloss? 😯
  13. T Ive got a very heavy Warwick and prefer a bit of weight so all good I think. Thanks for the heads up though 🙃
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