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Pedulla Pentabuzz
Seaton, Devon


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Pedulla Pentabuzz fretless bass. Michael Pedulla, who made this bass, has now retired. There are no more new ones to be had. I bought this instrument new in 2003 and it has performed faultlessly, upholding the well-deserved reputation of the brand. It has a shaded red finish with gold coloured hardware. Pedulla specified the Bartolini pick-ups in JJ format to provide the singing highs and growling lows with the stunning ‘MWAAAH’ effect you would hope to hear from a fretless. Included are the manual, trussrod key, Allen key for the bridge and case key. I hesitate to use the word ‘immaculate’ because someone with 20/20 eyesight might find a minute blemish; for the purpose of this listing, let’s just say it is in excellent shape. The case is in fine condition too. The last new price for these was over £5000. I have done my best in the unretouched pictures to bring out the best in appearance. It has been unused for four years now after a change in the music work I do, so it needs an appreciative new owner. Strictly collection only from east Devon, no couriers.










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I have had the chance to try a Buzz once in a shop. I tried it dry without an amp. A strange guy (g-word player) from the other room came to the door and said with a smile in his face: "This has to be a fretless Pedulla!"


Nothing more to add.

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