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Fender Custom Shop Heavy Relic '64 Precision for sale - new trade option added
North Worcestershire


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Hi all


Looking to move on my Fender CS Relic, the best of several I've had. As you can see it's had the full factory battering and it may have found a few more when gigging with me, but who can tell? If you're looking at this you'll know what these things are all about so I'll save the yada yada. Comes complete with complete and untouched CS goodies kit plus unused CS hard case. 


Happy to accept £2300 in cash but what I'd really like is a straight trade with a Yamaha Attitude Ltd III in black - a long shot I know but hey. I'd look seriously at a blue one too tho 😜


UPDATE - Might look at a swap for a CS Jazz, especially one with a maple fretboard...


Would prefer not to post and happy to travel / meet within reason.













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10 hours ago, Muppet said:

I’m rather interested in this, but has that forearm wear been artificially accelerated, or was that how it came? It looks a lot more severe than other heavy relics I’ve seen…



Hi - no, it's factory original. When the say 'heavy' Relic they mean it 😂

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