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Synth Newbie Question


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I've asked this in the Recording forum but this might be a better place for it...


I don't have the first clue about synth sounds but want to introduce more synthy elements in my tunes. I can hear in my head the sound I want, but haven't a clue how to get there. Anyone have any shortcuts? A wonderful online database of searchable songs and plugins one could use to recreate their sounds would be marvelous! 

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3 hours ago, BigRedX said:

What DAW are you using?


Most of the major DAWs come with at least one synth plug-in which should get you started and let you work out what features you need.


Reaper - I know some folks think it a bit Mickey Mouse, but I've had good results so far with it.

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According to the documentation, Reaper comes with "ReaSynth : basic synthesizer", so start by getting to grips with that (I assume there will be some details about how it works in the manual) and then start looking at others once you've worked out the limitations and what extra features you need.

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Moog Model D is now available on Mac as well as iOS.l and is brilliant. 


U-he Repro will get you classic Prophet 5 and Pro One, very highly regarded. 


Dexed is a free DX7 plugin (classic 80s stuff). There’s an even more highly regarded one: Plogue OPS7.


Cherry audio do an incredible Memorymoog plugin by all accounts.


You may want an Oberheim, CS-80, Jupiter 8, Juno 106, plug-ins too. Arturia and Cherry Audio do many of these. 

Usually these plugins will have presets which recreate the sounds where the original synths were used; they may be slightly obliquely named to avoid copyright issues but are usually easy to work out. 

Arturia had a Black Friday offer where buying a Keylab controller got you three free plugins. They usually have a bunch of deals at this time of the year. 

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