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SOLD - Wing Bass Classic 4 - SOLD

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For sale I have an as-new Wing Bass Classic 4. It's a remarkable little instrument - extremely portable, and has a surprisingly wide range of tones available from the Bartolini pickup. The size and playability means that it's a very hard instrument to resist picking it up and noodling...

From Wing Instruments;

"The Wing Bass Classic is the one that started it all. The only differences between this instrument and a full sized bass are the tuning (the Wing is tuned one octave higher – the equivalent of playing the twelfth fret and above), and portability. The Wing Bass uses standard strings and gauges and standard string spacing so your technique building exercises can be retained when you return to your main bass.

It’s extremely light and portable so whether your just hanging around the house, traveling on business, camping, whatever, you can always have an instrument to keep your chops up with."


Weight - 6.5 lbs (2.9 kg) 

Scale - 16" (40.64 cm)

Tuners - Hipshot Headless System

String Spacing - 19 mm (0.750")

Pickup - Bartolini X4 Bass Soapbar (Hum-canceling)

Bass is in as-new condition - I can't find a mark on it (the cellophane is still on the rear control cavity cover.) Included in the sale is the original Wing Bass gig bag (specially made to fit the instrument,) strap, and adjustment tools - all the goodies that came with the bass from the guys at Wing Instruments themselves.

Priced cheaper than the RRP.... save on import charges, AND avoid the current 32-34 week wait on these remarkable instruments!

Ideally, the bass is to be collected from me in-person in Derbyshire (DE75) - however I may be able to ship within the UK at buyer's risk and cost (please DM me if interesting in doing so.) 


image1 (1).jpeg

image0 (1).jpeg

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Bass has now sold - post title edited to reflect this
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Buy this, stick it through and octave pedal and you've got the ultimate lightweight gigging bass! 😉

Looks great though, wish I had the spare cash to buy something like this.


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@Quatschmacher - Not sure if it's the light/angle of the original pic, or there's some dust or a particle in the air in that original pic, but I can see why you ask - weird! - everything's in it's right place... 

I've attached another pic, showing the top fret inlay dot - everything's as it should be



image0 (1).jpeg

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A few have DM'd me asking for the instrument production number - this is Wing Bass #312 

(Just in case it helps any others who are interested)



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