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Sold???? End please


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That's gorgeous!!!

I think everybody will ask the same, so for all people really interested which I am part of: would you mind adding if it is all original, and if you have detailed pics of pickups dates, control plate pots and solders, neck stamp, neck pocket, body with pick guard removed ?


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The bass is original, except for the potentiometers I replaced with the original CTS and a new swichcraft socket. I am the second owner since new. The first owner in the 90s replaced 2 volume potentiometers, so I had no problem with that to replace them with a new CTS now. In addition, I replaced the TONE potentiometer (the original 77 has). I will add the original TONE potentiometer to the bass. The capacitor, of course, is primary. Replacing potentiometers at a professional martch.pl luthier

Everything else is original.

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1 minute ago, Paul Clifton said:

Wowser. Anyone know the new rules for VAT/duties when importing used musical instruments post-Brexit :) Because this is lush!

25% on top, so budget for about £2,300.

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